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Shoes and Toenails

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Sorry, the post title just sounds a little gross. But these two things have just been on my mind today: shoes and toenails.

First off, if you are a distance runner and have ever trained for a half or full marathon (or anything longer!), you’ll probably find this article hilarious and completely relatable:

I can completely relate to numbers 1, 2, 7, and 10. It’s amazing the issues you run into when you go running for longer than 90 minutes. I swear, every time I hit 10ish miles or 90 minutes into a long run, my body starts rebelling. Chaffing will start making it’s presence known; my tummy might start to get upset from having nothing in it but Gu’s; and my sore toe will start reminding me that it’s still there.

About a month after my first 10K is when I started seriously training for my first half-marathon. This is when my first toenail incident occurred, and I ended up losing the nail on my second toe on my right foot. I now know it was because my shoes were too small. Months of running + a missing toenail has made me realize that running shoes should always be bought a 1/2 size larger than your normal size.

I thought I had it all figured out. But then the week after my half marathon, I noticed that the SAME toe (that finally had a thin nail growing back!) was sore and turning purple underneath the nail again! What the crap?! I thought I had done everything right. I had size 7 shoes instead of 6.5. I had on nice wool, sweat-wicking socks. I had my nails trimmed short. But nope….still happened. Again. Great… Now I just have to wait for the sad, thin nail to fall off and grow out. With my luck, it will happen just in time for flip-flop season! 😦
toenailShould I get that for my car along with my 26.2 sticker that I will earn in March? Oh well…toenails are overrated. Guess I’ll just be picking my shoes a little more carefully during the next few months as the temperatures (hopefully!) start rising. I usually like my feet and enjoy wearing sandals/flip flops. But looks like I’ll be singing a different tune this summer!

New Running Shoes

Soooo, in hopes of preserving all my other toenails through my marathon and the summer months, I know I need another pair of shoes! Right now, I’m relying heavily on 1 pair and using another pair for shorter runs or trips to the gym. I love my first pair of good running shoes, Brooks Ravenna 4s, but I bought them in my normal shoe size instead of a bit larger, so I can’t use them for my long runs or race. This is why new shoes are necessary. 🙂

Right now I’m wearing these:

2318994-p-MULTIVIEWThe Saucony Cohesion 6 and I really like them. I want something similar but with just a little more support in the heel. My Brooks are nice and thick in the heel, and I love them for it! The hunt is on…and I’ve found that it’s a pretty good time to do shoe shopping in the running world. Companies release their new shoes at the beginning of the year, so the older (last season) shoes go on sale. Woot! I need to find something quick and get them broken in before Little Rock. I’m sorry, credit card, but it’s for the good of everyone. Nice, new shoes will keep my feet happy and will keep everyone else from having to see all my toenail-less toes this summer. 🙂

Other than pondering new shoes and toenail issues, my day has been fairly normal. It kept snowing overnight, so my morning run and commute to work were interesting. My run was slippery and cold. It was still coming down at 5 a.m., so it was like running in a dark snowglobe. I also had one guy driving a large truck stop and yell at me as I was running on the opposite side of the road from him: “Hey dumba**, you shouldn’t be wearing all black!” I proceeded to keep on running in the opposite direction as I flipped him the bird. I had on a neon long sleeve top, neon shoes, and a neon ear warmer with my black (and reflective!) puffer vest on top. And I was nowhere in your way. Sorry for wearing ‘all black’, but I can’t help it that you are obviously an idiot who just so happens to be colorblind as well. 😉  People like that need to spend just ONE day in the shoes of a runner. I doubt he could keep up with me for even 5 minutes! (and yes, I am still angry about the dumba** comment, can you tell?!)

Tonight Nick and I will be home together, so we may venture out to the gym for a bit. I only got in 6.2 miles this morning, so a couple more treadmill miles won’t hurt. Plus I love people watching at the gym in the evenings. There are some crazy characters that show up for some of the evening classes!

Hope you all have a great night, and let’s keep our fingers crossed for no more snow!


Snow, Snow, Go Away

Snow, snow, go away. Come again another……year. That’s right, Old Man Winter. I’ve had just about enough of you this season.

If you are anywhere near the Midwest, you know that it’s snowing again today. Woooooo. Snow was exciting Dec. 7 when our first little blizzard hit. It’s not as exciting when it happens for the 25th time this season. At this rate, I will be running my March marathon in a snow suit! I was hoping to be able to sport a cute running skort and tank from Lululemon…..sigh. I’ll keep the long running tights, long sleeve tops, and jackets in the front of my closet for now.

Nick’s office was closed today (lucky duck!), so he has been home with the dog while I slave away at my desk. I brought lots of snacks to get me through the day so I could skip lunch and head home early. Five o’clock rush hour mixed with snow on Springfield roads makes for an absolutely miserable commute. I just want a slow and peaceful drive, followed by lots of puppy kisses and staying cozy in some sweatpants. We cancelled Jazzercise classes, so I won’t be getting my normal workout, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Tonight will likely be with filled with learning Jazzercise routines followed by some leftover comfort food. Turkey and stuffing, anyone? Watching snow fall all day long makes me want something hot and filling to eat! I’ve also got a couple Jazzercise routines that I’ve been wanting to learn ever since we got this new DVD around Christmas. Well, it’s past February 1 and I’m still slackin’! So this snow forcing to me to stay in tonight may be a small blessing in disguise.

So looking ahead through February, I realized that I don’t have anything major going on except for Valentine’s Day!

Valentines_Day_Heart_33540Have you guys made plans yet? Nick and I are in the awkward phase where we have been dating too long to get really excited about Valentine’s Day, but we are still too young in our relationship to just do nothing. Does that make any sense? Well to simplify it: we want to do something but nothing extravagant. So dinner plans on the Saturday after sound good enough to me!

If you do have plans, and have anything good in mind that you’d like to share, I’m open to ideas! A nice steak dinner with my sweetie is always good – but I would like to be able to do something a little unique possibly. If nothing else, I know that I will be getting spoiled with some chocolates. 🙂 What’s Valentine’s Day without lots of chocolates?!

Have a great evening and stay safe out there!

Leftover Turkey

Hey there! How’s your day going? Mine’s like any other Monday….super duper (in a sarcastic voice). HA.

I really can’t complain. It was a good weekend of running, relaxing, and eating so I’m a happy camper. I also traded Jazzercise classes for today so I’m teaching at 6:45 tonight instead of my normal 5:40 AM. That’s always a nice surprise in my schedule. 🙂  I lose some of my evening at home, but I also get an extra hour of sleep. Gotta give a little to take a little!

Leftover Turkey

I told you all yesterday that I was trying to cook my first turkey breast on my own in my Crockpot. Well despite the issues with the lid not wanting to go down (the turkey was too big!), the turkey turned out wonderfully!

IMG_3232It was moist, delicious, and falling apart it was so tender. Yum!

IMG_3236Nick and I were pleasantly surprised! I was kind of full from snacking on some Superbowl goodies all day, so I had some turkey alongside some steamed veggies.

IMG_3237I was happy after my one plate, and Nick was too. But we now have loads of leftover turkey. I like leftovers…but meat is my least favorite thing to reheat. Nick may be taking cold turkey sandwiches to work for a while. 🙂

Superbowl Sunday

Did you guys have a good Superbowl Sunday? When I checked in yesterday, I was actually watching the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet while Nick was napping. Mac really enjoyed watching the puppies play and make some touchdowns! My favorite? The water bowl camera. Hilarious.

Other than the Puppy Bowl, we indulged in some typical football party food…

IMG_3222And it was insanely delicious. I never make things like this for us. Velveeta never enters my grocery cart. So this was our once a year treat for the ‘holiday.’ I took my Lactase pills, and they kept me happy for the most part. Velveeta + Rotel + chips? Complete and utter heaven. We also enjoyed some buffalo chicken wings mid-afternoon along with countless peanut butter cookies that I made on Saturday. Hence the reason I didn’t want much turkey for dinner!

Springfield also had a light dusting of snow cover the area on Sunday afternoon, so Mac and I decided to go for a walk to enjoy it.

IMG_3223 IMG_3229It was cold and windy, so I utilized my ear warmer + the 2 hoods I was rocking on my vest and jacket.

IMG_3226I look awesome, I know. 🙂  But I stayed warm! The snow ended after about an hour and didn’t amount to much. But now we have several inches in the forecast for tomorrow. It could make for an interesting commute to work. I may wake up a little early and take Mac for a jog around the block to survey the road conditions. Plus he’ll need the extra exercise if momma can’t make it home at lunch time. Oh Winter….when will you leave?!

Well I’m headed off shortly to spend a little time with Nick and Mac before class tonight. Maybe I’ll have some beautiful snow pics for you next time I check in. But fingers crossed that I don’t. 😉

Have a great evening!