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Shoes and Toenails

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Sorry, the post title just sounds a little gross. But these two things have just been on my mind today: shoes and toenails.

First off, if you are a distance runner and have ever trained for a half or full marathon (or anything longer!), you’ll probably find this article hilarious and completely relatable:

I can completely relate to numbers 1, 2, 7, and 10. It’s amazing the issues you run into when you go running for longer than 90 minutes. I swear, every time I hit 10ish miles or 90 minutes into a long run, my body starts rebelling. Chaffing will start making it’s presence known; my tummy might start to get upset from having nothing in it but Gu’s; and my sore toe will start reminding me that it’s still there.

About a month after my first 10K is when I started seriously training for my first half-marathon. This is when my first toenail incident occurred, and I ended up losing the nail on my second toe on my right foot. I now know it was because my shoes were too small. Months of running + a missing toenail has made me realize that running shoes should always be bought a 1/2 size larger than your normal size.

I thought I had it all figured out. But then the week after my half marathon, I noticed that the SAME toe (that finally had a thin nail growing back!) was sore and turning purple underneath the nail again! What the crap?! I thought I had done everything right. I had size 7 shoes instead of 6.5. I had on nice wool, sweat-wicking socks. I had my nails trimmed short. But nope….still happened. Again. Great… Now I just have to wait for the sad, thin nail to fall off and grow out. With my luck, it will happen just in time for flip-flop season! 😦
toenailShould I get that for my car along with my 26.2 sticker that I will earn in March? Oh well…toenails are overrated. Guess I’ll just be picking my shoes a little more carefully during the next few months as the temperatures (hopefully!) start rising. I usually like my feet and enjoy wearing sandals/flip flops. But looks like I’ll be singing a different tune this summer!

New Running Shoes

Soooo, in hopes of preserving all my other toenails through my marathon and the summer months, I know I need another pair of shoes! Right now, I’m relying heavily on 1 pair and using another pair for shorter runs or trips to the gym. I love my first pair of good running shoes, Brooks Ravenna 4s, but I bought them in my normal shoe size instead of a bit larger, so I can’t use them for my long runs or race. This is why new shoes are necessary. 🙂

Right now I’m wearing these:

2318994-p-MULTIVIEWThe Saucony Cohesion 6 and I really like them. I want something similar but with just a little more support in the heel. My Brooks are nice and thick in the heel, and I love them for it! The hunt is on…and I’ve found that it’s a pretty good time to do shoe shopping in the running world. Companies release their new shoes at the beginning of the year, so the older (last season) shoes go on sale. Woot! I need to find something quick and get them broken in before Little Rock. I’m sorry, credit card, but it’s for the good of everyone. Nice, new shoes will keep my feet happy and will keep everyone else from having to see all my toenail-less toes this summer. 🙂

Other than pondering new shoes and toenail issues, my day has been fairly normal. It kept snowing overnight, so my morning run and commute to work were interesting. My run was slippery and cold. It was still coming down at 5 a.m., so it was like running in a dark snowglobe. I also had one guy driving a large truck stop and yell at me as I was running on the opposite side of the road from him: “Hey dumba**, you shouldn’t be wearing all black!” I proceeded to keep on running in the opposite direction as I flipped him the bird. I had on a neon long sleeve top, neon shoes, and a neon ear warmer with my black (and reflective!) puffer vest on top. And I was nowhere in your way. Sorry for wearing ‘all black’, but I can’t help it that you are obviously an idiot who just so happens to be colorblind as well. 😉  People like that need to spend just ONE day in the shoes of a runner. I doubt he could keep up with me for even 5 minutes! (and yes, I am still angry about the dumba** comment, can you tell?!)

Tonight Nick and I will be home together, so we may venture out to the gym for a bit. I only got in 6.2 miles this morning, so a couple more treadmill miles won’t hurt. Plus I love people watching at the gym in the evenings. There are some crazy characters that show up for some of the evening classes!

Hope you all have a great night, and let’s keep our fingers crossed for no more snow!


Black Friday Shopping & a Baby Shower

Happy Tuesday to ya! I feel like I’m still trying to catch my breath after the busy holiday. Yesterday was a Jazzercise sandwich  – I taught at 5:40 am and 6:45 pm. I was making up for my missed Sunday class. 🙂 And now tonight I teach my normal double header right after work at 5:40 and 6:45 pm. Needless to say, tomorrow night I’ve got to clean/organize my house! My living room is basically a disaster zone…

photo(33)All my packages that made the trip back from STL with us are still just piled in the floor like this. I’m not okay with it, and yes, I have a mild anxiety attack every time I walk into my house. Thankfully, a lot of this stuff is for Christmas, so I can wrap it up and put it under our tree to get it out of the way!

Black Friday Shopping

Let’s back up a bit to Thanksgiving night and the shopping event of the year! After dinner on Thanksgiving afternoon, Nick’s mom and I got our game faces on. It was time to shop. Most of the stores were opening between 6-8 pm on Thanksgiving night. Our first stop was Michael’s because it was already open and located right next to Kohl’s (our next stop!). We loaded up on 50% off holiday decor before we went to get in line at Kohl’s.

image(16)We were here around 20 minutes before they let us in. The crowd was really calm, and we got some great deals. Overall, a good experience!

image(17)WOOOOOOOOOT!!! This is why we waited in the cold. I got lots of random gifts here and saved enough to make it all worthwhile.

We proceeded onto Target and Ulta before calling it a night around midnight. Karen was back up at 5 am to go to Lowe’s, but I slept until 7 when we went back to Lowe’s (I wanted some 99 cent poinsettias!), Walmart, and Petsmart. We nabbed a couple more doorbuster deals at each store before heading home once again. Nick thinks I’m crazy. But I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping now and saved lots of money. 🙂

Amy’s Baby Shower

On Saturday, I borrowed Nick’s car and headed from STL into Illinois to see my mom’s side of the family. I wanted to see my grandma, and my cousin Amy was having a baby shower while our family was in town for the holiday!

image(14)Baby showers are so fun! I met my mom and aunts at my grandma’s house early on Saturday morning where we had a quick lunch (turkey leftovers!) before my cousin’s shower.

We arrived at the local firehouse where my aunt’s had rented a a room and filled it with tons of decorations!

photo(51) photo(50)Cute! And my prego cousin is pretty cute too.

image(13)We watched Amy open gifts and snacked on fruit before cutting into the cake.

image(15) image(12)It was amazing, and the piece I grabbed was about the size of my face. YUM!

I was so thankful to be able to spend a little time with my extended family over the holiday weekend. Now I just wish we all lived closer!

I headed back to STL around 5 to make it in time for dinner with Nick’s family and headed to bed fairly early. Can you see why I’m tired?! I’m pretty sure I relaxed for about 2 hours the entire long weekend. It was fun, but this is why I’m still recovering!

Nick and I made it back to Springfield late Sunday afternoon, and I was ready for my own bed. I’m sure many of you feel the same way after your family’s Thanksgiving! Now we have a couple weeks to recover until Christmas. 🙂

Hope your week is going great!

Christmas Decorating, Part I

Hey everyone! Hope you’ve had a wonderful Saturday. I’ve had a busy busy day full of shopping, decorating, and loads of laundry. I’ve washed, folded and put away 4 loads of laundry since I got done with work yesterday. That never happens. I’m on a roll!

This morning started out with my scheduled long run of 9 miles. I headed out around 7 a.m. and finished in a little over an hour. It was a windy morning, and it was fighting me the whole time. The last couple weeks I have gone beyond my scheduled distance because I was feeling good and wanted to push myself. Not today though. I was happy to get to 9 miles with a pace of 8:22/mile, so I stopped before my time started getting any slower. 🙂

Breakfast was quick and easy when I got home. Greek yogurt + a spiced pear + coffee (lots of it).

photo(131)I cut up the pear into bite-size chunks, add about 2 tbsp of water and sprinkle it with cinnamon, and then microwave for 2 minutes. It gets so nice and soft. I love it! I do the same thing with apples at night a lot. Just up the microwave time to 3 minutes!

Christmas Shopping

I ate quickly and showered before my mom got into Springfield to do a little Christmas shopping. We headed to Target first, where I found my fave purchase of the day.

image(9)Mac got some new Christmas pajamas! He’s been extremely tired today, so I didn’t make him to do a photoshoot. Maybe tomorrow I can get him to pose.

After Target we had lunch at TGIFridays, and then headed onto Marshall’s and Sam’s Club. It was a nice little shopping trip. My mom spoils me too much! She took some of my finds home with her though. My Christmas presents are rarely surprises to me anymore. But at least this way she knows that I’ll like it since I picked it out!

Christmas Tree is Up!

My mom headed home mid-afternoon, so this left me with the rest of day to get my tree up! I pulled the Christmas tree box out of the garage, and Mac had to check it out immediately.

image(11)I found the directions and was instantly reminded why this is never fun. Color-coded branches = failure. The colors had faded from last year, and I almost panicked when I thought I lost a couple branches.

image(12)After an hour, it was finally put together with all the pieces though.

photo(130)I didn’t do the best job at packing up my decorations last year, so I had to dig through all this stuff to find the lights, garland, and ornaments.

image(10)WOO! All done! I’m pretty happy with my cute little huge tree. Last year, this 7.5 feet tall tree kinda took up the whole living room of my small apartment. But it looks awesome in our living room with the vaulted ceiling.

Now, I called this post Part I because all the decorating isn’t done. Truthfully, most of my Fall decor is still up. But the tree was my biggest project, so I’m saving the smaller stuff (wreaths, table settings, etc.) for tomorrow. I just want to get it done before Nick gets home tomorrow night. Stayed tuned to see if I can actually stick with my plans! The Hallmark channel Christmas movies are calling my name now that the tree is up. 🙂 Must. resist. sappy. Christmas. movies. (in a strained voice).

Tomorrow will start with a short 3-miler and then Jazzercise. A little exercise should set me on the right path for the day (fingers crossed). Enjoy the rest of your weekend!