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Shoes, Races & Jazzercise

Happy Tuesday! It’s a sunshiny day here in SGF, and I’m loving it! Our 7 day forecast is also showing highs in the upper-50’s, so that makes me extra happy. Fifty degrees + lots of sunshine = clear sidewalks for me to run on. Yay!

New Shoes

Last night when I got home, I had a special delivery waiting for me on my doorstep!

IMG_3267My shoes had arrived from Zappos!! I of course immediately ripped open the box to dig out my new running shoes. And they were so pretty – just as I had imagined.

IMG_3270I decided to go with the Mizuno Wave Rider 16 running shoes in this pretty rose color. It’s not quite red and not quite pink. I kinda like it!

IMG_3271Bonus points to the first person to spot the doggie in this picture!

IMG_3272HA! Mac is always so curious.

Since I was subbing 6:45 Jazzercise last night, I decided I would try out these shoes on the dance floor first since my next couple of runs are bound to be a little slushy and salty still from the melting snow. I’m definitely not taking my brand new shoes out until the streets have dried up completely!

I’m happy to report that they fit great and felt extra light and springy while I taught class last night. They offer lots of arch support and had a lot of extra room in the toe bed. This isn’t necessarily ideal for Jazzercise shoes, but it’s perfect for shoes that I will most likely be wearing in my upcoming races. My toes will appreciate the extra space and the mesh venting across the top during the 26.2! So far, I give them 2 thumbs up!

And speaking of upcoming races, I got a little trigger happy and registered for another race last night.

The Go! St. Louis Marathon Weekend will take place on April 6, and I’m pretty darn excited to be a part of it! They say that thousand and thousands of people come out to race this event, so it’s going to be an awesome experience. Plus, since it is 1 month after my first marathon in Little Rock, this marathon will be one of two things. Either it will be a race to redeem myself and do better if I totally bonk during the Little Rock race, OR it will be a chance for me to set a new marathon PR. Either way, I’m excited that this highly-recommended event is close to home and timed just far enough apart from Little Rock to make it doable! I’ll have a few weeks to let my body forget about the pain before I do it all over again. 🙂

Jazzercise Marathon

This week, I’ve got a different type of marathon going on though. By the time this upcoming Saturday rolls around, I will have taught 9 classes since Sunday morning. Holy cow, I’m tired just thinking about it. At least my week is front-heavy (teaching doubles Monday-Wednesday) so by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around, I will only have 1 class and it should feel like a breeze to be done and home at 7 pm! After I get my Saturday morning run in, I’m going to collapse on the couch for a much deserved nap. Whew!  On a positive note, all of these classes gives me more chances to wear my new tennies and get them broken in faster. 🙂

Well I’m off to change up my song set for this evening. I need some fresh tunes! I hope you have a wonderful evening – see ya later!


Shoes and Toenails

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Sorry, the post title just sounds a little gross. But these two things have just been on my mind today: shoes and toenails.

First off, if you are a distance runner and have ever trained for a half or full marathon (or anything longer!), you’ll probably find this article hilarious and completely relatable:

I can completely relate to numbers 1, 2, 7, and 10. It’s amazing the issues you run into when you go running for longer than 90 minutes. I swear, every time I hit 10ish miles or 90 minutes into a long run, my body starts rebelling. Chaffing will start making it’s presence known; my tummy might start to get upset from having nothing in it but Gu’s; and my sore toe will start reminding me that it’s still there.

About a month after my first 10K is when I started seriously training for my first half-marathon. This is when my first toenail incident occurred, and I ended up losing the nail on my second toe on my right foot. I now know it was because my shoes were too small. Months of running + a missing toenail has made me realize that running shoes should always be bought a 1/2 size larger than your normal size.

I thought I had it all figured out. But then the week after my half marathon, I noticed that the SAME toe (that finally had a thin nail growing back!) was sore and turning purple underneath the nail again! What the crap?! I thought I had done everything right. I had size 7 shoes instead of 6.5. I had on nice wool, sweat-wicking socks. I had my nails trimmed short. But nope….still happened. Again. Great… Now I just have to wait for the sad, thin nail to fall off and grow out. With my luck, it will happen just in time for flip-flop season! 😦
toenailShould I get that for my car along with my 26.2 sticker that I will earn in March? Oh well…toenails are overrated. Guess I’ll just be picking my shoes a little more carefully during the next few months as the temperatures (hopefully!) start rising. I usually like my feet and enjoy wearing sandals/flip flops. But looks like I’ll be singing a different tune this summer!

New Running Shoes

Soooo, in hopes of preserving all my other toenails through my marathon and the summer months, I know I need another pair of shoes! Right now, I’m relying heavily on 1 pair and using another pair for shorter runs or trips to the gym. I love my first pair of good running shoes, Brooks Ravenna 4s, but I bought them in my normal shoe size instead of a bit larger, so I can’t use them for my long runs or race. This is why new shoes are necessary. 🙂

Right now I’m wearing these:

2318994-p-MULTIVIEWThe Saucony Cohesion 6 and I really like them. I want something similar but with just a little more support in the heel. My Brooks are nice and thick in the heel, and I love them for it! The hunt is on…and I’ve found that it’s a pretty good time to do shoe shopping in the running world. Companies release their new shoes at the beginning of the year, so the older (last season) shoes go on sale. Woot! I need to find something quick and get them broken in before Little Rock. I’m sorry, credit card, but it’s for the good of everyone. Nice, new shoes will keep my feet happy and will keep everyone else from having to see all my toenail-less toes this summer. 🙂

Other than pondering new shoes and toenail issues, my day has been fairly normal. It kept snowing overnight, so my morning run and commute to work were interesting. My run was slippery and cold. It was still coming down at 5 a.m., so it was like running in a dark snowglobe. I also had one guy driving a large truck stop and yell at me as I was running on the opposite side of the road from him: “Hey dumba**, you shouldn’t be wearing all black!” I proceeded to keep on running in the opposite direction as I flipped him the bird. I had on a neon long sleeve top, neon shoes, and a neon ear warmer with my black (and reflective!) puffer vest on top. And I was nowhere in your way. Sorry for wearing ‘all black’, but I can’t help it that you are obviously an idiot who just so happens to be colorblind as well. 😉  People like that need to spend just ONE day in the shoes of a runner. I doubt he could keep up with me for even 5 minutes! (and yes, I am still angry about the dumba** comment, can you tell?!)

Tonight Nick and I will be home together, so we may venture out to the gym for a bit. I only got in 6.2 miles this morning, so a couple more treadmill miles won’t hurt. Plus I love people watching at the gym in the evenings. There are some crazy characters that show up for some of the evening classes!

Hope you all have a great night, and let’s keep our fingers crossed for no more snow!

New Running Shoes

You know what company is just freaking amazing? Zappos. I ordered my new Brooks running shoes yesterday morning, selected the free (no rush) shipping, and my shiny new shoes already arrived today!

IMG_1964Now how is that for some crazy awesome customer service?! I mainly ordered from them because they offer free shipping both ways just in case the shoes didn’t fit correctly when they arrived. But now that I know they ship out of Kentucky, making their standard shipping to MO extra quick, I will be using them more often!

I also had some other packages arrive today which I wasn’t expecting, so I felt like I hit the jackpot when I came home tonight! First, I got a knock off of PB2 (powered peanut butter) and some creamy almond butter from my go-to vitamin store, Vitacost.

IMG_1969Both products have been tested and approved! Yum! Next, I received some boots from Hautelook that I ordered on a whim because they were super cheap!

IMG_1970They look greenish, but they are gray with a zip closure (which I love!) and a small hidden wedge.  I can’t wait for cooler temps to wear these babies!

And lastly, my beautiful new Brooks running shoes!

IMG_1966 IMG_1968I was so excited to open this package! I didn’t know what to expect, but the colors were so pretty and bright – instant love!

IMG_1972 I had to try on the boots first though. They go great with my running clothes, right? Maybe not, but the boots fit great and have lots of room in the calf to fit a pair of skinnies this winter!

IMG_1973There we go… The tennies fit great too! And there is nothing more motivating to me than a new pair of shoes. So I slipped these babies on right away and took Mac out for a quick 1.25 mile run to test them out.

IMG_1974They felt extra cushiony in the heel and really support the balls of my feet too without feeling too thick. It’s always a little weird to get used to new shoes, but I dropped Mac at the house and then went on to finish 4 miles.

They weren’t the easiest 4 miles, but I made it and my feet felt great! I’m excited to break these babies in even more so they’ll be in perfect shape for the 10K.


Backing up to lunch, I had another veggie-filled salad with Catalina dressing!

IMG_1960I’m loving the fresh broccoli and cauliflower in my fridge right now.

For the rest of my meal, I whipped 2 eggs with a splash of soy milk, salt and pepper, and the leftover broccoli slaw from last night for a little veggie scramble.

IMG_1961I microwaved this mixture for 2 minutes, and voila! It was hot, yummy, and extra filling.

IMG_1962I also sprinkled a little parmesan on top for extra flavor. It gave it a nice kick.


Dinner began with some yogurt for quick protein after my run.

IMG_1977I added in some of the Vitacost PBSlim and a teaspoon of cocoa to make this Greek yogurt extra yummy!

IMG_1978Healthy dessert idea? I think yes. It was amazing for my sweet tooth. Next I steamed up a veggie mix of broccoli, carrots, edamame, and celery.

IMG_1979Lots of color!

IMG_1980It was pretty filling, so I just snacked around the kitchen a bit more to finish off the evening meal. Have you noticed my meals rarely have any form or structure? I guess that’s a perk of not having kids. Plus, Nick tends to fend for himself in the kitchen, making it easy on me to slack off on the whole cooking thing. 🙂

I hope you all have had a great Wednesday! I can’t believe how quickly this week has flown by. Now I’m off to pick out my rehearsal dinner outfit for Katie’s wedding this weekend! The rehearsal and dinner are Friday night right after work, and then the wedding is Saturday at 5. It’s going to be a fun filled time!

Get some rest, and I’ll see you tomorrow!