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Snow and Caffeine

Happy Monday! I hope you all had great weekends and were ready for the awesome Monday morning commute today in the mini-blizzard that mother nature decided to drop on us…sighhhhh. Luckily, the snow didn’t mess up my day in anyway, so I’m not that angry about it. I still made it to Jazzercise this morning at 5:30 (after some slipping and sliding). And I had one brave student come workout with me!

IMG_3264I stood inside the door of the center watching it pour snow outside. I was pretty sure no one was going to come, so when that one brave soul pulled into the parking lot, I was ecstatic.

We had a quick and fun class followed by me frantically driving home to get ready for work and on the road before the mad rush happened during the bad weather. I beat most of the traffic and made it to work in one piece despite the 1.5 inches of snow on the road. Luckily, the sun also decided to come out mid-morning so the roads were clear and dry for my trip home for lunch. So it’s been a good snow day. Weird, right? I haven’t really had a good snow day all winter. Hopefully this is a sign that winter is on it’s way out soon!

Since I was rushing around to beat morning rush hour, I didn’t have time for my normal coffee at home while I was getting ready. So once I got to work I downed my mug of coffee (holds about 3.5 cups) and was needing more to fight off a small headache. I borrowed some Dunkin Donuts original blend and used the fancy Keurig machine in our breakroom. That was some of the strongest and most delicious coffee I’ve had in a long time!

0088133400046_500X500So I had about 7 whole cups of coffee before 11 a.m. I was basically vibrating from all the caffeine. I couldn’t sit still, and I was so happy and optimistic that my coworkers were ready to kill me. It was a good morning to say the least, but now I’m coming down hard. Nap time, anyone?!


Lunch was quick and easy today since I made my awesome chili in the Crockpot yesterday. Leftover chili on a snow day was the perfect comfort food.

IMG_3265But now my leftovers are almost gone. I need to make a bigger batch next time!

And now I’m pondering Valentine’s Day since it’s this Friday. I’m already craving chocolate like the cocoa bean is going extinct. It’s bad. Nick and I almost through an entire bag of mini Reese’s Peanut Butter hearts yesterday. That along with the donuts was just about more sugar than I should need in a whole week.

IMG_3266So maybe I’ll luck out and just get flowers. Flowers are pretty and smell good and they don’t cause tons of guilt from eating too many of them. 🙂 I want chocolate, but I really need flowers instead. HA! And now for a cute picture.

Valentine-Day-MemesAhhhhhh!! Puggy!! I love this for so many reasons. If Nick got me a pug for Valentine’s Day, I would forget all about the chocolate. Maybe….

Looking ahead through the week, I’m teaching a lot of Jazzercise and have a normal running schedule. I’m not in true taper mode yet for the Little Rock race, so I’ll still have my normal runs on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Can you believe I’m 20 days out from my first marathon??? I can’t even wrap my head around that one right now.

I’m subbing Jazzercise tonight, so it’s going to be a busy evening. I hope you guys have a great one!


Leftover Turkey

Hey there! How’s your day going? Mine’s like any other Monday….super duper (in a sarcastic voice). HA.

I really can’t complain. It was a good weekend of running, relaxing, and eating so I’m a happy camper. I also traded Jazzercise classes for today so I’m teaching at 6:45 tonight instead of my normal 5:40 AM. That’s always a nice surprise in my schedule. 🙂  I lose some of my evening at home, but I also get an extra hour of sleep. Gotta give a little to take a little!

Leftover Turkey

I told you all yesterday that I was trying to cook my first turkey breast on my own in my Crockpot. Well despite the issues with the lid not wanting to go down (the turkey was too big!), the turkey turned out wonderfully!

IMG_3232It was moist, delicious, and falling apart it was so tender. Yum!

IMG_3236Nick and I were pleasantly surprised! I was kind of full from snacking on some Superbowl goodies all day, so I had some turkey alongside some steamed veggies.

IMG_3237I was happy after my one plate, and Nick was too. But we now have loads of leftover turkey. I like leftovers…but meat is my least favorite thing to reheat. Nick may be taking cold turkey sandwiches to work for a while. 🙂

Superbowl Sunday

Did you guys have a good Superbowl Sunday? When I checked in yesterday, I was actually watching the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet while Nick was napping. Mac really enjoyed watching the puppies play and make some touchdowns! My favorite? The water bowl camera. Hilarious.

Other than the Puppy Bowl, we indulged in some typical football party food…

IMG_3222And it was insanely delicious. I never make things like this for us. Velveeta never enters my grocery cart. So this was our once a year treat for the ‘holiday.’ I took my Lactase pills, and they kept me happy for the most part. Velveeta + Rotel + chips? Complete and utter heaven. We also enjoyed some buffalo chicken wings mid-afternoon along with countless peanut butter cookies that I made on Saturday. Hence the reason I didn’t want much turkey for dinner!

Springfield also had a light dusting of snow cover the area on Sunday afternoon, so Mac and I decided to go for a walk to enjoy it.

IMG_3223 IMG_3229It was cold and windy, so I utilized my ear warmer + the 2 hoods I was rocking on my vest and jacket.

IMG_3226I look awesome, I know. 🙂  But I stayed warm! The snow ended after about an hour and didn’t amount to much. But now we have several inches in the forecast for tomorrow. It could make for an interesting commute to work. I may wake up a little early and take Mac for a jog around the block to survey the road conditions. Plus he’ll need the extra exercise if momma can’t make it home at lunch time. Oh Winter….when will you leave?!

Well I’m headed off shortly to spend a little time with Nick and Mac before class tonight. Maybe I’ll have some beautiful snow pics for you next time I check in. But fingers crossed that I don’t. 😉

Have a great evening!

Mac and his Crackers

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! I hope you’ve had a great day. It’s beautiful and sunny here, despite the cold temps and  20+ mph wind. 🙂

Today started off with a trip to the gym, although I should have probably stayed in bed for more sleep. But when my alarm went off, my mind was immediately alert so I decided to get up and go for an easy workout. I did 1-mile easy jogging on the treadmill, 20ish minutes on the Elliptical, and then completed an upper torso circuit that focused on my back and biceps. I’ve gotten in a run everyday this week, so I needed to do something different besides go pound the pavement today! And the gym did the trick. I was sweaty and happy after my quick and easy workout.

Lunch today was a productive one. I went home to take care of Mac and eat. While I was there, I packed my Jazzercise bag for tonight AND I put some chicken enchiladas together in the Crockpot for our dinner!

IMG_3103(Recipe to come!)

I was rushing around like a mad woman, but I got it all done and back to the office in one hour. I can’t wait to get home tonight and be welcomed with the aroma of dinner already cooked! Plus, I’ll be extra hungry after teaching class at 5:40 pm. Because of my rushing around at lunch, I didn’t eat much other than a Lean Cuisine and a million of these wheat crackers that I’m addicted to right now.

Mac also loves them. Hence the title of this post. He cries incessantly when I pull the box out of the cabinet!

These are the most legit whole wheat crackers I’ve ever had. You can taste and see the grains in these babies! Plus, they taste a lot better than Wheat Thins and are a lot cheaper. Win! I need to buy more for my carb loading next week.

After class tonight, I’ll be heading home for a lazy night on the couch. I’m going to wake up extra early tomorrow to get my miles in because I have a baby shower to be at by 10 a.m.! Speaking of that….I still have to wrap that gift, too. HA. After long runs, I’m always pretty useless for the rest of the day, so I need to get all that little stuff done tonight. I told Nick I would probably end up napping most of the afternoon tomorrow. He didn’t seem too bothered! I’m excited to get this run checked off the list because it will be my last big run effort before the half marathon in a week! Woot!

Have a great night and start to your weekend. Hope you have some fun things lined up! Nighty night!