Leftover Turkey

Hey there! How’s your day going? Mine’s like any other Monday….super duper (in a sarcastic voice). HA.

I really can’t complain. It was a good weekend of running, relaxing, and eating so I’m a happy camper. I also traded Jazzercise classes for today so I’m teaching at 6:45 tonight instead of my normal 5:40 AM. That’s always a nice surprise in my schedule. 🙂  I lose some of my evening at home, but I also get an extra hour of sleep. Gotta give a little to take a little!

Leftover Turkey

I told you all yesterday that I was trying to cook my first turkey breast on my own in my Crockpot. Well despite the issues with the lid not wanting to go down (the turkey was too big!), the turkey turned out wonderfully!

IMG_3232It was moist, delicious, and falling apart it was so tender. Yum!

IMG_3236Nick and I were pleasantly surprised! I was kind of full from snacking on some Superbowl goodies all day, so I had some turkey alongside some steamed veggies.

IMG_3237I was happy after my one plate, and Nick was too. But we now have loads of leftover turkey. I like leftovers…but meat is my least favorite thing to reheat. Nick may be taking cold turkey sandwiches to work for a while. 🙂

Superbowl Sunday

Did you guys have a good Superbowl Sunday? When I checked in yesterday, I was actually watching the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet while Nick was napping. Mac really enjoyed watching the puppies play and make some touchdowns! My favorite? The water bowl camera. Hilarious.

Other than the Puppy Bowl, we indulged in some typical football party food…

IMG_3222And it was insanely delicious. I never make things like this for us. Velveeta never enters my grocery cart. So this was our once a year treat for the ‘holiday.’ I took my Lactase pills, and they kept me happy for the most part. Velveeta + Rotel + chips? Complete and utter heaven. We also enjoyed some buffalo chicken wings mid-afternoon along with countless peanut butter cookies that I made on Saturday. Hence the reason I didn’t want much turkey for dinner!

Springfield also had a light dusting of snow cover the area on Sunday afternoon, so Mac and I decided to go for a walk to enjoy it.

IMG_3223 IMG_3229It was cold and windy, so I utilized my ear warmer + the 2 hoods I was rocking on my vest and jacket.

IMG_3226I look awesome, I know. 🙂  But I stayed warm! The snow ended after about an hour and didn’t amount to much. But now we have several inches in the forecast for tomorrow. It could make for an interesting commute to work. I may wake up a little early and take Mac for a jog around the block to survey the road conditions. Plus he’ll need the extra exercise if momma can’t make it home at lunch time. Oh Winter….when will you leave?!

Well I’m headed off shortly to spend a little time with Nick and Mac before class tonight. Maybe I’ll have some beautiful snow pics for you next time I check in. But fingers crossed that I don’t. 😉

Have a great evening!


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