Snow, Snow, Go Away

Snow, snow, go away. Come again another……year. That’s right, Old Man Winter. I’ve had just about enough of you this season.

If you are anywhere near the Midwest, you know that it’s snowing again today. Woooooo. Snow was exciting Dec. 7 when our first little blizzard hit. It’s not as exciting when it happens for the 25th time this season. At this rate, I will be running my March marathon in a snow suit! I was hoping to be able to sport a cute running skort and tank from Lululemon…..sigh. I’ll keep the long running tights, long sleeve tops, and jackets in the front of my closet for now.

Nick’s office was closed today (lucky duck!), so he has been home with the dog while I slave away at my desk. I brought lots of snacks to get me through the day so I could skip lunch and head home early. Five o’clock rush hour mixed with snow on Springfield roads makes for an absolutely miserable commute. I just want a slow and peaceful drive, followed by lots of puppy kisses and staying cozy in some sweatpants. We cancelled Jazzercise classes, so I won’t be getting my normal workout, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Tonight will likely be with filled with learning Jazzercise routines followed by some leftover comfort food. Turkey and stuffing, anyone? Watching snow fall all day long makes me want something hot and filling to eat! I’ve also got a couple Jazzercise routines that I’ve been wanting to learn ever since we got this new DVD around Christmas. Well, it’s past February 1 and I’m still slackin’! So this snow forcing to me to stay in tonight may be a small blessing in disguise.

So looking ahead through February, I realized that I don’t have anything major going on except for Valentine’s Day!

Valentines_Day_Heart_33540Have you guys made plans yet? Nick and I are in the awkward phase where we have been dating too long to get really excited about Valentine’s Day, but we are still too young in our relationship to just do nothing. Does that make any sense? Well to simplify it: we want to do something but nothing extravagant. So dinner plans on the Saturday after sound good enough to me!

If you do have plans, and have anything good in mind that you’d like to share, I’m open to ideas! A nice steak dinner with my sweetie is always good – but I would like to be able to do something a little unique possibly. If nothing else, I know that I will be getting spoiled with some chocolates. 🙂 What’s Valentine’s Day without lots of chocolates?!

Have a great evening and stay safe out there!


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