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Choosing Positivity

Happy Monday! I hope it’s been a good one for you so far.

Today started earlier than normal for me…ahem…2 AM. Why, might you ask? I woke up with a screaming Charlie horse cramp in my left calf muscle! Before I was even awake, I was out of bed, screaming, and trying to work out the most horrendous cramp EVER. It lasted a whole 10 seconds and I thought I died. But it passed (like it always does!), and I went back to sleep within minutes. Luckily it didn’t come back, and I slept soundly until my 5 AM wake up call for my 5:40 AM Jazzercise class.

Workout (x3!)

I had a small crowd this morning at my early Jazzercise class. All my students were half asleep and it was hard to stay motivated, but we powered through! I always feel amazing when I start my day with a fun workout. Energized and ready to go!

So it’s going to be a serious Jazzercise Marathon day today. I was super smart and overbooked myself today for teaching. I typically teach twice on Mondays, once in the morning and once in the evening. But today one of our instructors is out of town, and I volunteered to teach her 5:40 PM class as well. Oooops! I’ll survive though. Plus, I’ll have 3 solid hours of Jazzercise under my belt by the time I hit the sack tonight, so I’ll sleep like a dream!

I truly love teaching, and it’s days like today that bring that back to my attention. If I didn’t LOVE it, there is no way I would be willing to put so much time into it. I’ve already told myself that I’m going to most likely be tired by the time my 3rd class time comes around this evening, but I’m going to choose to be positive and power through it. I know my body is able, and I’m so thankful for my job, so why be cranky and negative?? Today let’s choose positivity and make this Monday as wonderful as possible!


Breakfast was quick and simple to grab as I was leaving for work this morning. I prepared a nice big bowl of Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats last night. I added a splash more of almond milk, some Craisins, and a few chopped walnuts for lots of texture.

photo(91)I love, love, love adding craisins or raisins to this mix because the sweetness is a special little treat! I also had lots of coffee and some caramel spice cake yogurt on the side for extra protein.

photo(90)This big bowl of oats + the yogurt kept me extra full all morning, which can be a challenge after a morning workout! I love the staying power of some hefty oatmeal. 🙂


Lunch came together quickly thanks to some leftovers!

photo(91)I had the very last tiny bit of my quinoa salad, a few brussel sprouts, and some veggie pasta. I cleaned out 3 small tupperware containers from the fridge. Win!

photo(90)My favorite part was the leftover pasta. This girl loves her carbs! I also had a few tortilla chips on the side for some crunch, plus an apple since my meal wasn’t very fruit/veggie dense.

photo(89)After lunch, I threw another apple and some more yogurt into my purse as I’ll need a snack before my 2 Jazzercise classes right after work. I’ve decided I need to be more creative with my healthy snacks – I’m such a creature of habit at the grocery store! Oh well, today my go-to yogurt and fruit will get me by.

Hope you’re enjoying this lovely Fall day! I’ll see you all later! Stay positive!



This morning I awoke before my alarm that was set for 5:15 AM. Seriously, who naturally wakes up at 4:58 AM?! I’m a pro at quickly dressing and making it to my gym by 5:30 with my 5:15 wake up time. So today I had a few spare minutes in the gym, and I even left a few minutes early which felt nice!

When I opened my garage door, I was thankful for my perkier-than-normal mood. It was pouring and cold out there! Rainy-gloomy weather was definitely the forecast for the day. I made it the gym and ran from my car to the door to find a smaller than normal crowd on the machines. I can’t blame them. When it’s pouring and icky outside, getting up at 5 AM is not always doable. Sometimes our bodies just need the extra rest! But I was still cruising along like normal.


My workout this morning started with 2 miles on the treadmill with some slight interval sprints to help wake up my body and pass the time.

I then completed a lower and upper body workout, which mostly included 3 sets of 12 reps of each move. I started with leg presses and inner/outer thigh presses. Then moved onto my upper torso, which including chest presses, lat presses, bicep curls, and some tricep work. Since I had extra time, I tried to do 2 out of 3 sets super slow with about 5 more lbs of weight. I can definitely feel the extra burn today! I tend to fall into ruts where I don’t push my body as hard, so this was a nice little change of pace for me.

I finished out my workout with another light run on the treadmill and 10 minutes on the Elliptical.

A common theme throughout the morning was the gloomy weather. I always watch the morning news when I’m on the cardio machines, and it seemed like that’s all the reporters could talk about. It looks like we are in for a few more days of rainy-gloomy weather here in Springfield. But I like the rain, so this doesn’t bring my spirits down too much. The real highlight of today’s news-watching?? It’s only 5 days until Fall officially begins!! On Sept. 22, regardless of the warmer temps, my fall decor is going up around the Harkey house without any guilt. I have several small pumpkins and a fall wreath with a scarecrow that are just dying to come out of the spare bedroom closet! 🙂


Breakfast, once again, was sad and quick once I made it to work. Although I did try a different type of yogurt this morning and really loved it!

photo(76)I had a coupon for the Yoplait Greek yogurt that I used this past weekend. This particular cup was a mixed berry blend with strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries! I definitely approved as it was full of real chunks of the fruit.

I followed this up with my Target find – chocolate peanut butter protein bar.

photo(74)Yummy for sure! I also had a banana and 90-cal Fiber One snack midmorning. My tummy has been extra grumbly today! My morning workouts do make me pretty ravenous, but today is extra hard. Trying to drink lots of water and tell my stomach to cool it!

Wanna know one of my fave parts of this time of year? The changing wardrobes…

Scarves are back!
Scarves are back!

Yes this is me today! It is chilly and rainy, so it was a great day to break out one my scarves. They are so easy to pair with different outfits; plus, a good scarf can make a great outfit! My outfit today would be rather plain if it weren’t for my fun polka dots. My next guilty pleasure? Pulling out all my fall/winter boots 🙂

Hope you’re having a great Tuesday!

Return of the Pleasant Evening Walk

Mac gets at least a short walk 1-2 times a day, regardless of the weather. It’s been a sweaty summer so many of these walks have been super unpleasant and resulted in a stinky mommy. But it’s necessary for him because we don’t have a nice, fenced yard for him to run around in during the day. I’m happy to report that some pleasant weather has finally returned to SW MO this week, and we can finally enjoy our walks again! Mac is especially excited…

photo(42) photo(41)photo(38)Yes, it’s still warm, but the humidity is slim to none, making it feel amazing outside in comparison to the rest of the summer months. I’m excited to finally look forward to our time together outside again. And hopefully this means that Nick will finally be joining us for some evenin’ walkin’ in the near future. If Nick has to choose between sitting on the couch watching TV or going walking in hot and sticky 100 degree weather, the couch always wins. Smart guy, right?

Cute little street we always walk down. So quaint!
Cute little street we always walk down. So quaint!

The forecast for the next 7 days is still in the 90’s each day, but low humidity is also in the forecast. So I’m okay with it 🙂  We’ve gotta soak up some daylight while we can during the next few weeks before the time changes. It’s so depressing when the sun is setting, and I’m still just driving home from work for the day! Then our long, pleasant evening walks will turn into dark and cold mini-walks around the block. I cannot complain though; my love of Fall will keep me happy with or without some sunny outdoor time!



This morning I woke up bright and early to make it to the gym for a solid hour before my busy day had to begin.

I was feeling pretty spry and lively when I arrived, so I hopped on the treadmill for a 30-minute interval workout consisting of walking, jogging, and sprinting. I love counting down the minutes during an interval workout as opposed to a certain distance. It always makes the time and miles go by so much faster. My 30-min. interval brought me to around 2.9 miles, and I was sweatin’ like a piggy!

I then completed some upper torso work, mostly focusing on my shoulders, chest and biceps with a circuit very similar to what I completed on Wednesday. I’m always a creature of habit, so I’m hoping this weekend Nick and I can go to the gym together so I can change up my routine with some free weight exercises. (I hate that part of the gym unless he is with me!) I finished off my workout with some light cardio on the Elliptical for about 15 minutes before heading home.


Can you guess what my breakfast was today??!! You got it: hot oatmeal with blueberries! I’m still loving it 🙂 And I had some Greek yogurt for extra staying power on the side.

photo(37)And now I’m off to finish up this workday and figure out what we’ll be having for dinner. I’m in the mood to cook and it’s Friday, so this usually leads to me becoming a little creative with our evening meal since I have the extra time. We’ll see what I can come up with!

Hope you’re Friday is going great! We can at least be happy that the weekend is here again!