5K Training…Round 2

Well, it’s official folks. I’m training for my second race! And it’s going to be a fun one.

The Glow Run 5K

My friend Carley (an old friend from college and KD sorority sister) and I have decided to run the Glow Run 5K together on Sept. 14! This will my second race (I’ve only recently become a ‘runner’!) and Carley’s first! She a race virgin, and I’m so excited to run this fun race with her.

It’s a night time race, starting at 8 PM, and apparently incorporates lots of glow sticks and neon running shorts with crazy designs. I’m gonna rock this. For reals.

So, because of this news, my 5K training has begun again! I don’t think I’ve ever really gotten out of running shape since my first race last April. At least to tackle a 5K, that is. My daily Jazzercise classes keep my endurance up enough to be able to knock it out fairly easily. But, I’m OCD about being prepared and ready, so this morning kicked off with a 3.1 mile interval run on the treadmill at the gym. I was lucky and got stationed right in front of a TV with my favorite news station on, so the time passed extra quickly!


I started out with a 3 minute incline walk, starting with speed of 3 and slowly moving it up to 4.5 until I felt awake enough to start running. Something about 5AM makes my body tense, and I cannot jump into a cardio workout for the life of me without a few minutes of walking. Maybe my quads have to be woken up slowly and gently like grumpy cat?

620x400x31_495709.jpg.pagespeed.ic.olWjbuNMaZI then kicked the treadmill up to a speed of 6 (10 min. mile) and used that as my base and resting speed between my faster sprints during the 3 miles. It looked something like this:

  • 2 minutes at Speed 6
  • 2 minutes at Speed 7
  • 1 minute at Speed 8
  • 2 minutes at Speed 6
  • 2 minutes at Speed 7.5
  • 1 minute at 8.5
  • 2 minutes at 6
  • 2 minutes at 7

I repeated these intervals for 3.1 miles which I hit around the 28 minute mark so this definitely had me sweatin’ like a fool! Something about counting down 1-2 minute intervals during a treadmill workout make it go by so much faster than trying to simply run a certain distance. I then had about 20 minutes before I needed to head home, so I did some light cardio on the elliptical while I caught up on my social media for the day! Overall, it was a great endorphin boost for my morning!


Breakfast was wayyyy too rushed this morning and took me about .65 seconds to throw together in my bag as I was running out the door!

Breakfast Grab-n-GoClif Bar + Greek yogurt + Berries = Yummy and Nutritious!

This was my first time trying the Coconut Chocolate Chip Clif Bar. And I will definitely be buying it again. I love me some coconutty-chocolatey goodness early in the morning! The Clif Bar plus my Greek yogurt left me full of protein and fairly content. So I saved my berries for a mid-morning snack.

Berries!Don’t they just look perfect? Well they tasted exactly how they look. They were sweet and made me happy amongst the chaos of work!

I’m now poking around my kitchen looking for lunch…what’s in store for today? I have no idea. Indecisiveness at its best.

Tonight will be featuring more bridal shower crafting (hopefully with a sneak peek photo!), a hot walk with Mac, and a Jazzercise class at 6:45.  Hope your Thursday is going well! We’re almost to the LONG weekend!


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