Another Hump Day Comes to an End

As Wednesday comes to an end, I’m sitting here with a busy and tired brain. It has been a long day! But this evening away from my normal Jazzercise class has left my head spinning thinking of the upcoming weekend!

Upcoming Nuptials

My long time girlfriend, Katie, is getting married at the end of September, and her personal and family & friend showers are this weekend! Saturday is her personal shower followed by a spa day with all of us bridesmaids. Then Sunday afternoon is the big family and friends shower. I am in charge of the shower favors, games and the game winner’s gifts. This has been a large undertaking for the most uncreative and non-crafty girl in the world!

So tonight has been a blur of cutting ribbon, constructing favors, and wrapping my personal gifts for the bride. My kitchen table is a wreck! Pictures to come on Friday night. I’m a little ashamed to show what little progress and how big of a mess I have made up to this point!

So let’s back up…


Lunch today was weird. After working out this morning, I was starving for lunch way ahead of my normal schedule! My tummy was loudly growling while I was sitting at my desk. This rarely happens. I left a few minutes ahead of schedule and arrived home ravenous! I threw together a spinach mixed salad with radishes, snap peas, and a couple sweet peppers.


I scarfed down this salad as I reheated some veggies I steamed for dinner last night.

Leftover broccoli and carrots. Delish!
Leftover broccoli and carrots. Delish!

It was a veggie kind of day, I guess! And after all the vegetables, I was feeling oddly full. I knew I needed some good protein for staying power til dinner time, but I couldn’t even find one thing in the fridge that sounded appetizing. I quickly walked Mac and came back inside to assemble this.

Cottage cheese and turkey bagelwich!
Cottage cheese and turkey bagelwich!

Sounds weird, tasted amazing. I bought some bagelthins over the weekend and had been meaning to try one. Perfect opportunity! I smeared about 1/4 lowfat cottage cheese on one side and 2 turkey slices on the other. It was creamy and very satisfying! Plus tons of protein and healthy carbs. Win, win!

photo(23)I think I might’ve discovered a new fave today in this bagelwich. I hate dry sandwiches, but I also hate wasting calories on condiments like mayo. So this was the perfect solution!

And yes, you’re thinking “Yet again, she’s eating dairy and is lactose-intolerant.” Yup. It happens just about daily. Cottage cheese and yogurt are eaten daily in my diet. Cheese on occasion (like yesterday!). And things like ice cream happen just about never. Some dairy products just seem to make me a whole lot sicker than others!

Does anyone else out there with lactose intolerance experience this? I have also found that white cheeses are easier on my stomach than heavier yellow cheeses. Just takes some trial and error – that’s for sure!

I’m going back to frantic crafting time. See you all tomorrow!


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