Grocery Ad Day!

It’s Wednesday! And guess what that means?? It’s Grocery Ad Day!!

I Love it!!
I Love it!!

I’m insane, I know this. But every Wednesday I get oddly excited to run out to my driveway and grab the morning’s paper. Tucked inside are the grocery sale ads for the week for all my favorite local grocery stores. Dillon’s is my favorite (they carry the Kroger brand for those of you not from SW MO!), and they always have a fabulous ad that often includes coupons!

photo(30)I have to admit that I’ve developed quite a little addiction to couponing ever since moving into my house Mid-May of this year. This is when I started receiving a daily local newspaper. Every Sunday morning I rush out to get the paper and start digging through the ads to find the best sales and coupons. But this whole process has to begin on Wednesday when I find out what’s going to be on sale during my weekend grocery shopping! I can start compiling my grocery list needs and wants based on what’s on sale. Then, when my Sunday coupons come, I often get lucky and receive coupons for the things that are already on sale. Yay for saving! I’m not a pro, but I’ve gotten pretty good at saving around $35 a week with coupons and in-store savings with my shopper’s card.

HyVee also has one of the prettiest ads. They have amazing designers for their simple weekly ads! I rarely go there (it’s across town), but I love to look through their ad anyways for design inspiration 🙂

Oh you fancy, huh?
Oh you fancy, huh?


Breakfast today was not exciting, and it was basically exactly like yesterday with oatmeal and blueberries, so I’ll spare you the boring pictures 🙂 I was extremely happy to see my cup of Greek yogurt for my snack around 11 AM though. I was starved! And yes, the blueberry frenzy continues!

photo(28)Lotsa protein for a grumbly tummy!


I think my grumbly tummy was due in large part to my morning workout. I was slightly all over the place, but got in some good cardio and strength training time. That’s all I ask! I woke up at 5 AM and headed off to my gym to complete the following workout.

  • Interval on the treadmill, til I hit 2 miles
  • 3 sets of 15 reps Lat Pulldown
  • 3 sets of 15 reps Bicep Curls
  • 3 sets of 15 reps Chest Press
  • 30 reps on each leg Glute Extensions (at 65 lbs.)
  • Inner thigh & Outer Thigh presses at 70 lbs. for 2 minutes straight a piece
  • 20 minutes on the Elliptical

I was sweaty and oddly refreshed leaving the gym! This is a pretty standard little circuit for me in my gym when I’m by myself. Plus at 5 AM I’m not too creative, so the strength training machines are great for me.

I hope your Hump Day is going great! The rest of my day will consist of work, walking a whiny Mac, and subbing for a Jazzercise instructor who is on her honeymoon! I’m teaching a Body sculpting class format which is way out of my element, but I’m excited to try something new! I’ll see you guys later!


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