Sleeping In = Happy Body

Welcome back to reality! Going back to work this morning was fun, wasn’t it?! Or maybe not….

Regardless, my holiday weekend left me tired and slightly tore down between logging extra miles running, bridal showers, and getting less sleep than usual. So I decided to give my body a break this morning and slept in til a solid 6:20 AM which is my usual wake up time on days I don’t do a morning workout. My morning workouts really invigorate me and leave me feeling ready to take on the world, but I knew today it would probably hinder me to get up early and hit the gym. My bed was just too comfy. According to my Fitbit One, I slept for a solid 8 hours and 22 minutes! I feel like a new woman today! Lesson learned – I needed the sleep more than the workout 🙂


Breakfast today was made in the breakroom once I made it to work a little before 8 AM. I made some oatmeal in the microwave (fancy styrofoam cup style) and threw in some fresh blueberries. I added the blue berries while the oats were still piping hot so they would warm all the way through and get a little soft. It was basically heaven in a cup to my tastebuds this AM. Especially with all the hot coffee I brought to work as well.

photo(24) photo(25)I also had some extra blueberries on the side a little after the oatmeal high had worn off.

photo(26)You’re thinking, “Why so many blueberries the last few days?!” Well I love ’em. And I bought 2 large containers of them at Sam’s a week ago. Luckily they are still staying fresh, so I’m enjoying them while I can!

And I’ve gotta rave one more time about my cheapie Kroger yogurt. My snack this morning was the always-delicious Carrot Cake yogurt.

photo(27)This stuff tastes like carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. And it’s only 60 calories with 9 grams of protein. Amazing, right?! I’m obsessed. And it held me over til lunch time, which is all I ask of my morning delights.

Hope you’re day back to the grind is treating you well. I’ll see you all tonight after Jazzercise!


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