Bridal Shower Weekend, Part I

Today was definitely a fun one! I started the day with a quick 3.1 mile run (5K training, yay!) followed by a fun Jazzercise class led by one of my fellow instructors! I know, that seems like a lot back-to-back. But I woke up super early and in a great mood. Plus I knew I’d be having a VERY inactive afternoon at the spa, so I had to take advantage of the morning!

Katie’s Personal Shower!

Katie’s personal shower started this morning at 10 AM. It was hosted by her future sister-in-law, and I arrived to a house full of talkative women and a gift table full of Victoria’s Secret bags and other goodies!

photo(16)We started with a few games, and the rest of the morning basically centered around Katie opening gifts of fun lingerie and dirty candy/games 🙂

Yup, I bought her this little number.
Yup, I bought her this little number.

photo(15)After gifts, we had some goodies including cinnamon rolls, breakfast casserole, and fresh fruit. After my workout this morning, I was starving long before the party so I ate quite a bit at home before leaving. So I opted for some fruit and coffee which was more than enough for my mid-morning snack.

photo(17)I had a great time watching Katie open all her gifts and giggling with the other ladies about her reaction 🙂 Fun times! Now I’m super excited for her BIG shower with everyone tomorrow afternoon at 3 PM. My party favors are just a waitin’! Plus we get to wear pretty dresses and drink tea. So it’s a bigtime win-win.

The shower finished up around noon, and our bridesmaid spa appointment began at 2 PM. So I headed home to walk Mac and eat a quick lunch before heading to the spa to meet all the gals.


I had about an hour to throw some lunch together but ended up being rather lazy once I walked in the door and saw Nick just laying on the couch watching TV. Sidenote: It was like 100 degrees today, so it was just about unbearable to do anything besides stay in the AC!

I started with a yummy salad with spinach, radishes, snap peas, and cucumbers.

My rabbit food
My rabbit food

I then found one of my fav Lean Cuisines in the freezer so I had to eat it up ASAP…Shrimp Alfredo!

photo(12)Looks fancier when you take it out of the little black plastic container, right? Thought so. It was delish. I finished off my lunch with some pumpkin pie yogurt that just recently appeared at my grocery store.  Then off to the spa I went!

Bachelorette Spa Day & Dinner

We visited Acacia Spa for our festivities this afternoon. They had amazing service and really accommodated our high-maintenance group! Five girls running around in robes and getting 3 different services each can be a lot to handle, but it was a perfect afternoon to celebrate Katie’s upcoming nuptials.

I personally opted to get an hour long massage, a 30 min. pedicure, and an eyebrow wax. Everything was outstanding, so I think I will definitely be back! Plus my feet were in desperate need, so the pedicure was an absolute treat. And my tootsies are looking much better!

Dinner followed right after our appointment at Olive Garden, Katie’s favorite! Katie wanted to do soup, salad, and breadsticks. So I followed suit and got the minestrone soup and ate several bowls of the salad to accompany the delicious soup!

photo(11)It was healthy and filling and veggie-filled. A perfect dinner!

We chatted for about an hour after finishing our food, then parted ways to get ready for tomorrow. We only have 1 hour to set up the shower, so starting at 2 PM we’ll be frantically decorating tables and arranging food platters for all the guests.

I arrived home sleepy and full. But that’s okay. My gifts are now wrapped, and I’m ready for tomorrow!


The MOST fabulous bow ever!
The MOST fabulous bow ever!

Have a great night! Do something fun. Get some sleep. And I’ll see you tomorrow after Shower numero dos!


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