Family, Friends, & Jazzercise

Priorities play a big role in our everyday life. Today, I made it a priority to get to work on time, to walk my dog, to say I love you to Nicholas…the list could go on and on. And thinking of your own priorities, you could probably get very profound and serious or keep it on a lighter note and say you made it a priority do something like eat a bowl of yummy ice cream. 🙂

These thoughts come rushing into my mind tonight after I received an email from my Jazzercise center’s owner that one of my fellow instructor’s mother-in-laws passed away today. She concluded her email to our center’s owner (which was forwarded) saying that she would teach tomorrow morning at 5:40 AM and would teach her classes the rest of the week. She just wanted us to know what was going on. Talk about making Jazzercise a priority!

But the point of this is that we need to fill our lives with things that we love so much that we strive to make it a priority each and everyday. Yes, sometimes life makes it difficult to get to the gym or to eat a healthy dinner. It’s probably not going to be the easy route for Nancy to come teach her classes the rest of this week with this burden weighing on her family and husband. But she’s made a commitment to her students and is keeping her workout a priority even through tough times. And if you think about it, during hard times such as a death, a great workout will do a body a lot of good! Endorphins are our friends!

What are you going to make a priority tomorrow and the rest of week? I think I personally am going to make it a priority to keep a positive attitude during my workday and to eat as many veggies as possible at each meal!

So let’s back up through the day…


Lunch was mildly disappointing, but I didn’t have time to waste!

picstitchMy fresh cucumbers were yummm. And my Lean Cuisine? Was not so yum. It was steak tips and mushrooms. Not super awesome, but it did fill me up which was a win.


Dinner was veggie filled and light! After my weekend of eating too much, I wanted to keep today light to set me back on track. Plus I had a fun and energetic Jazzercise class, which always seems to suppress my crazy appetite for a bit. These Green Giant veggies were absolutely amazing!

photo(19)I ate the entire box (2 servings for 100 cal total) along with some tuna and mustard.

photo(20) photo(21)Yes, I’m a little weird and LOVE tuna. I could possibly eat it everyday. Plus it’s a great protein!

I hope you all have had a great day! Get some rest and we’ll see ya in the morning!


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