Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Hey there! How’s your Monday going? Mine has been a good one!

Jazzercise & Breakfast

I started the morning with my Monday AM Jazzercise class. SIX people showed up. That’s right. 6. I couldn’t believe it. I’m usually lucky to have 1 or 2, so this girl was definitely shocked! It was a fun class even though I’m pretty sure all the students were sleep-walking through most of it. 🙂

Once I got cleaned up and to the office to start the day, I was hungry and ready for food! I was rather excited for my morning meal. I found some seasonal flavors of Clif Bars while grocery shopping yesterday, and I couldn’t wait to try them out!

photo(122)This Iced Gingerbread Clif Bar was extra gingery and festive. I loved it!

image(14)I also bought a Pumpkin Pie Spice Clif bar that may be a good breakfast for tomorrow. I’m such a sucker for the holiday flavors! I’m a food marketers dream during the holiday months, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. 🙂

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Saturday night was a fun one. Nick and I were invited to my friend Carley’s Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!

image(12)We wore matching sweater vests! Mine is compliments of my mother. She loves her festive sweaters and is kind enough to let me borrow one for this party each year. We were the matchy-ist couple there!

The night went on with lots of eating of homemade goodies and games around the house. Jenga was our main event. 🙂

photo(123)Our game got pretty intense, and this happened shortly after I took this photo…

image(16)I learned that Jenga really stresses me out towards the end of the game!

I munched on veggies and dip along with some cookies and other goodies. Carley goes all out with her hosting, so I love going to her parties!


Jessica, Carley & I
Jessica, Carley & I

Jessica was also there with her boyfriend. Jessica is my ‘Little Sister’ from our sorority, Kappa Delta. I was so happy she made it with her boyfriend since I haven’t seen her in ages!

photo(55)Such a cutie! So this night turned into more than just a party – it was really more of a small reunion of friends that haven’t had time to see each other lately. But it worked out great. I chatted with the gals while Nick bonded with the other boyfriends outside. 🙂

It was a great night and put me into the holiday spirit for sure. I hope you have some fun events to attend during the next 2 weeks. We can only indulge ‘guilt-free’ for another week or so. So get together with your friends and family and have some fun!

And happy holidays from the sweater vest couple. 🙂

1512694_10151715644032924_660133676_nHave a great evening!!


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