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The Great Letdown

So today is January 2nd. And what does that mean?! It means today could be (and most likely is) one of the biggest letdowns you’ve felt in quite a few months. The holidays are over. We had to go back to work. We have no major holidays coming up to look forward to. We’re all of a sudden on crazy diets so we can’t even eat the leftover sweets to self-soothe (HA!).

BUT, I’m not trying throw you into a further depression. I’m trying to motivate you stay happy! It’s a new year, and we have a lot to look forward to! If one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to work out more, I want you to stay positive and not let this photo become a reality today/tonight:

photo(129)If you made a commitment to yourself to exercise, get your booty to the gym tonight and just do it. Your Endorphins will be an awesome reward after our first full day back to work in the new year anyways. 🙂 Push through today’s ‘post-holiday letdown’ and you’ll have a happier tomorrow!

Morning Run

This morning’s 4-miler was a snowy one! And because of the snow, it also made it a sloooowww one. My pace all week has been about :45 – 1:15 slower than normal (even without the snow). My 10-mile race on Saturday wore me out and I’ve had a touch of the flu, so I’m just going to blame it on all that. I absolutely hate feeling like I’m running fairly fast, only to look down at my gps and realize I’m crawling compared to normal.

I suppose after training for months, I’m going to have a slower week here or there. I’m at the end of Week 11 in my half-marathon training plan, and up to here I’ve stayed pretty healthy. I didn’t know what it would be like to run with a cough/congestion/fever, but now I know I can do it – just a touch slower than normal. 🙂

Once I was home from my run and warm again, I was hungry and luckily snagged the last Clif bar from the cabinet for my breakfast!

photo(130)Gingerbread Clif Bar! I had some Greek yogurt and a banana on the side. My stomach tolerated it well, which is fantastic. Dinner last night wasn’t tolerated so well.

photo(131)I made some chicken and sausage in the Crockpot for our dinner, but my stomach wasn’t wanting any part of that. SO I just ‘indulged’ in some black-eyed peas and unsweetened applesauce. Geez, my New Years was exciting!

The rest of today has been pretty normal minus the snowy start. Mac still loves the snow each time it shows up.

image(22)And I’m thankful for my polka dot rain boots to keep me and my dress pants dry during our midday outing!

image(21)I’m off to teach Jazzercise soon. I don’t feel too sick, but I can’t stop coughing. So send good vibes my way so I can make it through class without hacking up a lung! For my sake and my students’ sake. 🙂

Have a wonderful evening!


New Year’s Eve and a Fever

Happy Tuesday morning to ya! Oh and Happy New Year’s Eve too! My week hasn’t been off to the best start, but I’m trying to just stay positive – no one wants to be a pouty party pooper on New Year’s!

I woke up yesterday morning feeling pretty icky. I had to get up for Jazzercise at 5 a.m. and could immediately tell that it was going to be a rough day.

high-fever-thermometer-clip-artThank you google images for all the lovely ‘fever’ clipart. HA! I had a lowgrade fever of 99.6 before heading out to teach class. I didn’t feel terrible, but I didn’t feel awesome either. SO I went ahead and taught class to the 2 ladies who showed up. I made it through our workout fine but with a little lower intensity than normal.

By the time I made it home, showered, and to my office for the day, I knew it was going to be rough. My fever had gone up to 100.2, and I was feeling it. I know that we are supposed to wait to take meds for a fever until it gets over 101 degrees to give the fever a chance to fight off the bad stuff in our systems. But I couldn’t stand to sit at my desk all day going from blazing hot to chilled and freezing. So I took some ibuprofen to get me though the day.

When I arrived home last night, I was definitely sicky-poo and needing some rest. Nick took care of me and got me some Chinese food (egg-drop soup!) that I tried to choke down. I laid on the couch and watched my temp rise up over 100 degrees again, so I took more meds and headed to bed around 8:30 pm.

This morning I slept in as late I could before rolling out of bed for the day. My temperature is only slightly elevated today, but the rest of my body still hates me. Why can’t I stay healthy for longer than a couple weeks?! I’m hating this fever/flu-like junk because I can do nothing except drink lots of fluids and rest. And this girl has a hard time resting. It’s amazing how my anxiety rises when I can’t get out and run or teach Jazzercise.

Ok enough with the crummy stuff. Onto the more fun items, like what are we all doing for New Year’s Eve?!

NewYearsEveI hope you have something fun planned! Nick and I were going to play it low key and have a quiet dinner out somewhere and then come home to watch the fireworks on TV with Mac. But now, since I’m feeling under the weather, it’s looking like he might be getting us some more Chinese take out for dinner.

It seems like each year we always want to do something really fun and exciting on New Year’s Eve, but then we wind up just kinda being boring. But I would rather be boring and cozy at home with my little family, than be in a crowded/noisy restaurant or bar with 100 strangers. Plus, this way, I can be in my pajamas by 7 pm! 🙂

Whatever you are doing tonight, I hope you stay safe and get to spend it with your loved ones. If you are sick like me, be thankful for holiday which gives us a day to rest and relax!

Have a great New Year’s Eve!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope you have had a wonderful day with your friends and family members.

We spent the morning with my parents and then arrived in St. Louis to be with Nick’s family early this afternoon. It’s been a great day filled with lots of family, traveling, and food!

I feel like a stuffed turkey right now (literally) after the feast we had this evening. I think some Jazzercise or a run might be a necessity tomorrow ASAP! The food was completely worth it though. 🙂

Mac, also known as Santy Paws, slept through most of the drive. He’s still pretty wiped out tonight. A good nights rest will do us all good.

I’m so thankful to be a part of 2 separate families that are both so loving. Nick and I got completely spoiled with gifts. Hopefully we can fit everything in the car to make it back to Springfield!

Well have a great Christmas night. Enjoy those leftover treats – spend time with your loved ones – and be thankful for everything you have been blessed with this year.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!