‘Tis the Season for Goodies

Happy Wednesday! Hope you’ve had a great day. Mine was basically out of control, and I’m just trying to wind down in front of the TV with Nick and Mac this evening.

I started my day with a run of 7 miles before coming home to enjoy some hot coffee.

photo(141)Once again, I’m a sucker for the festive flavors! This Vanilla Nut coffee is awesome, and I’ve been enjoying it every morning this week. Now the only coffee flavors I need to find is Candy Cane and S’mores before the season is over!

Food, Food, Everywhere!

This week at work we have had a ton of food around the office. It seems like a mini-buffet has arrived in each department filled with holiday goodies. It’s delicious and also terrible. I’ve left work feeling ill the last 3 days because of so much food in my belly!

image(16)This was right by my desk all day today. I tried to devour the fruit before anything else to be as healthy as possible, but I’m powerless against sweets. Luckily though, since I can’t eat cheese, the meat and cheese tray was a fairly healthy option for me!

image(17)‘Tis the season for goodies of all sorts! Meat and cheese trays especially. And in return, ’tis the season of bloated tummies. I’m having lots of ginger tea tonight to help settle my stomach before bed.

Ozarks Literacy Council

Once a quarter, I volunteer with the Ozarks Literacy Council and take books to a classroom in a local elementary school. I’m given a bag of books to leave with the students to take home, and I also spend about 10 minutes reading to the class and doing an activity. It’s a ton of fun, and I go on my lunch hour since my company is the main sponsor for the books.

Today, I spent my lunch hour reading to my two classes. The kids are around 4 years old, and they are basically the most fun and grateful little people I get to interact with on a regular basis. They always love to see me show up with my bag of books!

Well, today I wasn’t too excited to go read to my kids. Work was crazy, and I didn’t want to rush around with my volunteering, eating, etc. But when I walked in, I was reminded of why it’s all worth my time to go volunteer.

image(18)The kids had all made me ‘thank you’ drawings of snowmen and santas, and my teachers wrote me the sweetest thank you note. I left the classroom smiling ear-to-ear while I got a hug from each of the kids. What a nice little reminder it was to me to see their little thank you gifts. I love my kiddos, and I’m so thankful that I get to spend some time with them during my busy days!

Well have a great evening everyone. I will hopefully see you tomorrow if I can catch a second to breathe!


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