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Christmas Decorating, Part II

Happy Monday morning! I’m perkier than normal this morning. I think it’s all the coffee I’ve had + the good workout I had at the gym.


Monday mornings are when I teach at 5:40 am, but today I switched with the 6:45 pm teacher because of another event she needed to attend this evening. A normal person would’ve taken this opportunity to sleep in, but my body likes routine.  I was up at 5 am like normal, and I headed off to the gym (running outside did not sound like fun to me at all!).

I ran 3.1 on the treadmill – gotta get ready for the Turkey Trot! On that note, can you believe Thanksgiving is next week already?! Holy cow. I just doesn’t seem possible. But I digress. After my run, I was sweatin’ like a fool, so I did some upper torso strength training focusing on my triceps. Seated dips are my favorite right now! I finished with about 5 minutes on the Elliptical to help me cool down before I headed home to get ready for work!

Christmas Decorating, Part II

Yesterday, I finished up my decorating after Nick got home from deer hunting. He got home sooner than I was anticipating! He didn’t get a deer, but one of his buddies got his first buck! That seemed to make the weekend trip worthwhile. 🙂

I got our fancy wreath put up on the front door (compliments of Nick’s wonderful mother).

photo(134)And then I prettied up our little dining room table with some decor that was also provided by Nick’s mom.

image(14)Yay! The table is so festive – love it!

I also put some snowmen and reindeer above the fireplace, but since I don’t have a stocking for Mac or Nick yet, I didn’t want to show our fireplace with only one lonely stocking! Just a few more finishing touches, and the house should be ready to go for the holidays.

Mac’s New Clothes

My mom bought Mac a couple new outfits while we were shopping on Saturday. I finally got Mac to settle down enough for a couple photos yesterday!

First off is the blue sweater with matching scarf.

photo(137)Yes, he’s standing in the window. He was obsessed with all the leaves blowing around in the crazy wind this weekend.

photo(136)Who knew that doggies could look so good in scarves, too?!

His second outfit was some new PJs!

image(13)I party with Santa! haha The booty flap is my favorite part. He was pretty thrilled with them.

photo(132)Awkward face while he’s chewing on a dentabone…or maybe he’s just grinning. Either way,  Mac loves Christmas. 🙂

image(8)Well anyways, happy early holidays! I hope you have a great week. It’s our last full week before Thanksgiving gives us a few days off. Woohoo!

See you all later!


11 Miles and Christmas Sweaters

Hey gang! Happy Sunday evening! It’s been a great weekend around here, and I hope yours was just as swell!

Friday evening kicked off with teaching a Jazzercise class before Nick and I headed off to a Taco Party at my boss’s house. Our whole department was invited, and we had a great time! We arrived extra late because of my class, so I didn’t get to take any photos, but the homemade tacos were out of this world! Nick and I both ate our fill and chatted for about an hour before we headed home for the night.

11 Miles

Saturday morning began somewhat early (I let myself sleep in until around 7:30!), and I took off on my longest run yet!

photo(128)11.26 miles! Woo hoo! It was a beautiful morning, around 45-50 degrees, and I felt great overall! I paused at the 5.5 mile mark to chew up some gu’s. I tried out the Jelly Belly brand chews that I found at Academy Sports. Loved them! They are small jelly beans that taste great and are full of B vitamins with a little caffeine kick! They also come in a small resealable baggie that fits great into the pocket of my running tights. I’m gonna have to try out some different flavors and stock up for my half marathon!


After my 11 miler, I was tired and hungry (duh). So after a shower and lots of water, I decided I was craving Mexican food, especially guacamole.

photo(127)YUM. We headed out to Jose Locos for a quick lunch that began with a huge bowl of the green stuff! I ate my fill of the guac before my huge plate of food arrived.

photo(126)Beef taco + chicken flauta + chicken quesadilla. Even my post-run tummy couldn’t finish this whole plate. It was all amazing though! And it kept me full through most of the day, which can be quite a task after a run for me.

Doggie Christmas Sweater

photo(121)After lunch, Nick and I stopped by Walmart (ughh) to pick up a few essentials. While browsing the Christmas aisles, I came across the perfect Christmas sweater for Mac!

photo(125)I saw it and immediately knew I HAD to get it for him. He was super thrilled to see it when I brought it out of the shopping bag at home.

photo(124)Such a handsome boy. But don’t worry, to make up for the sweater photoshoot I also bought him a disgusting tasty treat.

photo(122)Yup, that is a bag of pig ears. Eww. But he loved them and completely forgot about the hot sweater I made him wear. 🙂

photo(123)Anyways, the sweater has been put away until we get a little closer to December. I’m holding onto my pretty Fall decorations around the house as long as possible! No Christmas trees around here….yet.

Today has been full of relaxing, Jazzercise, and grocery shopping. Exciting stuff to cap of a good weekend! I hope your have a great night and get in some good sleep to prepare for the coming week. I’ll be headed off to my bed shortly. Nighty night!

BarkBox: Halloween Edition

Happy Hump day everyone! It’s been a beautiful and chilly day here in Springfield, and I’m loving it! Crisp, Fall days like today are my favorite. Mac will probably even get an extra long walk tonight due to the gorgeous weather. 🙂

Mac received a new BarkBox in the mail yesterday! I always get really excited to receive his package each month and see what goodies they picked out for my little man! I was even more excited than normal when I opened the box to see bright and festive colors. It was a Halloween Edition Barkbox!

image(9)Okay, that’s what I’m calling it anyways, but BarkBox did not officially call it by this name. 🙂 But it did have lots of Fall themed goodies inside. Mac was pretty excited too. He even got crazy googly eyes at the sound of mommy’s excitement!

photo(81)HA. He’s so weird.

Anyways, I was excited to see a toy and lots of yummy treats for Mac to enjoy when I opened his box.

image(2)I immediately squeaked the chevron print bear to get Mac’s attention. So he went to town chewing on that poor little fella while I sorted out all his yummy goodies!

photo(82)Tearing toys to pieces is his favorite hobby. We have many stuffing-less toys laying around the house!

image(4)I also opened up the weird looking lambs ear for him to chew on. The pack came with 2 of these luckily because he ate the first one in about 1 minute flat. Must’ve been tasty??

image(5)The cutest part of the box were these doggie Halloween treats. They come in individual packs to share, so this must be what I’m supposed to hand out to the neighborhood dogs on Halloween! Doggie trick-or-treaters are my fav, so I hope to be able to ate least hand out 1 or 2 of these adorable little treats next Thursday.

The one thing I’m skeptical about? This dry mix that I’m supposed to use to make doggie meatballs.

image(3)I’m just not sure if I want to go through the trouble of making meatballs for Mac when I barely have time to cook for myself and Nick. Basically, you add a pound of lean meat (like ground turkey) to this mix, make little meatballs, and then bake them up for your Mutt. In theory, this is very cute and he would love them. In reality, this probably won’t actually happen because mommy may be just a touch too lazy. But we’ll see… It is Mac’s birthday month after all.

Tonight we’ll have to break out the Autumn Harvest treats. I couldn’t spoil him too much in one night!

Well, I’ll see you later friends. I have another night off of teaching tonight, so I will be packing for the weekend (we’re heading to STL!) and baking up some goodies hopefully. Catch ya later!