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Jazzercise Halloween & A Giant Cookie

Hey there! Halloween is almost over, but Nick and I are still getting a couple trick-or-treaters as the night winds down. We should probably turn off our porchlight soon before Mac has a heartattack from all the kids dressed up in costumes ringing the doorbell. Poor little guy has been hiding underneath my bed most of the evening!

Jazzercise Halloween

I headed over to my Jazzercise center right after work at 5 pm to teach the last class of the evening. I walked into the end of the 4:30 class where Andrea, a fellow instructor, was teaching her class while dressed as a cowgirl!

photo(91) image(3)Haha she is so funny. She kept complaining about teaching in jeggings, boots, and a cowboy hat. But she was rocking it even through all the sweat. 🙂

I only put on some fairy wings to teach my class. A full costume just wasn’t in the plans for me this year.

We had a fun class full of lots of sweat followed by lots of candy and sweet treats.

Two of my students dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2! (Ignore the sweat – this was after they took 2 classes!)

image(4)Dede (on the right) was SO thoughtful and brought me a giant cookie cake for my birthday!


photo(89)YUMMM!! I immediately knew what would be my dessert tonight! I made it home after class and had a small sliver of the cake before hopping in the shower.

image(1)Then post shower,  I had some veggies and a wrap with ham and cheese (unpictured) before I ate another little slice.

photo(90)I couldn’t stay away from it! Nick loved it too. His reaction to me bringing it in from the car after class was priceless though… “What are we gonna do with that?!” Well….we’re gonna eat it. Or least I am. HA!

It was a fun little evening, to say the least. I love dancing with my Jazzer sistas, especially on holidays when we get to be a little silly.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful Halloween. I still have a lot of leftover candy + a cookie cake now, so I think I’m set for my sugar fix for a few days. Tis the season for sugar comas!

Tomorrow I’ll be spending the first half of my day relaxing & shopping  with my momma, then Nick and I will have a nice dinner together after he gets off work. It should be a wonderful 24th birthday weekend!

Nighty night, and I’ll see you when I’m a year older!


Happy Halloween!

42418-Halloween-GlitterHappy Halloween!! I hope you all are having a fabulously spooky day so far. My day has been candy filled…

photo(121)And wonderful thanks to my sugar high!

Morning Run – Treadmill Edition

I woke up early this morning to get in my scheduled shorter run of 3 miles. It was raining once again….sigh. So I headed out to my gym to complete my 3 miles on the treadmill. I usually hate the treadmill, but this morning’s run was easy peasy! It definitely felt easier than running outside, so I kinda felt like I was cheating. I ran at a fairly slow pace with an incline of 2 to slightly simulate being outdoors. But I was super sweaty and got to watch the local news for 30 minutes, so it was a good little workout! I also completed some upper torso strength training and 1 mile on the Elliptical before heading home to get ready for my work day.

Last night, I went candy shopping for some good chocolate to give away to my Jazzercise class tonight. While I was at the store, I also bought some goodies to bring into work today! Halloween + my birthday (tomorrow) = lots of splurging on sweets.

photo(116)Rice crispy treats had to make an appearance in our office. They weren’t homemade obviously but still delicious. I was also greeted with a birthday gift from one of my awesome coworkers that included some sweets, but also some healthy granola!

photo(114) photo(113)The bag also lights up. Cutest thing ever. It was stuffed with granola, dark chocolate, organic granola bars, and more candy corn. She knows me a little too well! So needless to say, I’ve been on a candy corn high all morning.

photo(115)Mac has on his jammies first thing this morning. In our dark house, he was a little glow-in-the-dark skeleton!  Tonight he will have to change into his T-Rex outfit while Nick and I hand out candy.

photo(119) photo(118)We are stocked and ready for some trick-or-treaters! Nick will hand out candy until I get home from Jazzercise around 7, and then I’ll help. I love seeing the little cuties in their costumes. I have no idea how many we’ll have since this is my first year in this house. Hopefully we get enough coming by to at least give away all our goodies!

Hopefully I’ll have time to check in later with some fun pictures from our Halloween Jazzercise class. I’m off work tomorrow for my 24th birthday, which means no early bed time for me! Woo!

Happy Halloween from our little family to yours! I hope you eat too much candy and enjoy everything that goes along with this spooky day!


It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Happy rainy Tuesday! It’s been pouring cats and dogs all morning. I had to drive extra slow this morning to avoid floating off the flooded streets. What a great start to the day, right?! 😛

I’m not scheduled to run today, but Nick and I had a fairly big dinner last night and were lazy around the house. So I thought I should get up and at least do a couple miles to jump start my metabolism today. When I woke up at 5:30, I heard rain hitting the roof and the lightning and thunder were booming….great. But I was already awake and knew my brain wouldn’t be able to shut back off for an hour, so I got up to watch some TV with Mac and have some coffee and cereal before my day had to start.

charbrownTV at 5:30 am isn’t too exciting, and I was feeling festive. So I popped in this DVD to watch an old favorite!

photo(112)It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! haha I bought this holiday collection DVD on Amazon last week. I’m excited to have a Charlie Brown classic to watch during each holiday this year! Since I was half asleep this morning, I’ll probably have to rewatch the Halloween one on Thursday night while we pass out candy. It only seems fitting. 🙂

LINUS AND SALLY MISTAKE SNOOPY FOR THE GREAT PUMPKINThis is my favorite scene where Snoopy pops up in the pumpkin patch pretending to be the Great Pumpkin. Nothing takes me back to my childhood more than these old classics. Guess I’m feeling a nostalgic today. 🙂

Breakfast + Bday Week

Breakfast today was eaten at my desk like normal. But what wasn’t normal was the overabundance of coffee that I brought with me!

photo(107)Protein bar + banana + Greek yogurt + 2 mugs of coffee! I’m a little wired, but the weather was calling for some extra caffeine today. I also remembered to bring a Groupon Goods purchase with me. I tried out some jeans, and sadly they were about 3 sizes too small! So Groupon shall be getting them back shortly.

So this morning, between the rain and not being able to get in a little run like I wanted, I was a little cranky by the time I got to work. I really don’t like when mornings don’t go my way! But I started thinking…

  • It’s the week of Halloween
  • It’s my birthday week
  • I have off work on Friday for my birthday
  • My mom and I are getting together on Friday
  • We’re going to see White Christmas on Saturday!

So why am I cranky again? Oh that’s right….I have NO reason to be cranky or down. It’s my birthday week, and nothing is going to bring me down!

The rest of today will consist of work and 2 Jazzercise classes, so it’ll be a busy one. At least my workout tonight is indoors since I don’t see this rain letting up anytime soon. I’ll see you all later – have a great day!