Jazzercise Halloween & A Giant Cookie

Hey there! Halloween is almost over, but Nick and I are still getting a couple trick-or-treaters as the night winds down. We should probably turn off our porchlight soon before Mac has a heartattack from all the kids dressed up in costumes ringing the doorbell. Poor little guy has been hiding underneath my bed most of the evening!

Jazzercise Halloween

I headed over to my Jazzercise center right after work at 5 pm to teach the last class of the evening. I walked into the end of the 4:30 class where Andrea, a fellow instructor, was teaching her class while dressed as a cowgirl!

photo(91) image(3)Haha she is so funny. She kept complaining about teaching in jeggings, boots, and a cowboy hat. But she was rocking it even through all the sweat. 🙂

I only put on some fairy wings to teach my class. A full costume just wasn’t in the plans for me this year.

We had a fun class full of lots of sweat followed by lots of candy and sweet treats.

Two of my students dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2! (Ignore the sweat – this was after they took 2 classes!)

image(4)Dede (on the right) was SO thoughtful and brought me a giant cookie cake for my birthday!


photo(89)YUMMM!! I immediately knew what would be my dessert tonight! I made it home after class and had a small sliver of the cake before hopping in the shower.

image(1)Then post shower,  I had some veggies and a wrap with ham and cheese (unpictured) before I ate another little slice.

photo(90)I couldn’t stay away from it! Nick loved it too. His reaction to me bringing it in from the car after class was priceless though… “What are we gonna do with that?!” Well….we’re gonna eat it. Or least I am. HA!

It was a fun little evening, to say the least. I love dancing with my Jazzer sistas, especially on holidays when we get to be a little silly.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful Halloween. I still have a lot of leftover candy + a cookie cake now, so I think I’m set for my sugar fix for a few days. Tis the season for sugar comas!

Tomorrow I’ll be spending the first half of my day relaxing & shopping  with my momma, then Nick and I will have a nice dinner together after he gets off work. It should be a wonderful 24th birthday weekend!

Nighty night, and I’ll see you when I’m a year older!


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