11 Miles and Christmas Sweaters

Hey gang! Happy Sunday evening! It’s been a great weekend around here, and I hope yours was just as swell!

Friday evening kicked off with teaching a Jazzercise class before Nick and I headed off to a Taco Party at my boss’s house. Our whole department was invited, and we had a great time! We arrived extra late because of my class, so I didn’t get to take any photos, but the homemade tacos were out of this world! Nick and I both ate our fill and chatted for about an hour before we headed home for the night.

11 Miles

Saturday morning began somewhat early (I let myself sleep in until around 7:30!), and I took off on my longest run yet!

photo(128)11.26 miles! Woo hoo! It was a beautiful morning, around 45-50 degrees, and I felt great overall! I paused at the 5.5 mile mark to chew up some gu’s. I tried out the Jelly Belly brand chews that I found at Academy Sports. Loved them! They are small jelly beans that taste great and are full of B vitamins with a little caffeine kick! They also come in a small resealable baggie that fits great into the pocket of my running tights. I’m gonna have to try out some different flavors and stock up for my half marathon!


After my 11 miler, I was tired and hungry (duh). So after a shower and lots of water, I decided I was craving Mexican food, especially guacamole.

photo(127)YUM. We headed out to Jose Locos for a quick lunch that began with a huge bowl of the green stuff! I ate my fill of the guac before my huge plate of food arrived.

photo(126)Beef taco + chicken flauta + chicken quesadilla. Even my post-run tummy couldn’t finish this whole plate. It was all amazing though! And it kept me full through most of the day, which can be quite a task after a run for me.

Doggie Christmas Sweater

photo(121)After lunch, Nick and I stopped by Walmart (ughh) to pick up a few essentials. While browsing the Christmas aisles, I came across the perfect Christmas sweater for Mac!

photo(125)I saw it and immediately knew I HAD to get it for him. He was super thrilled to see it when I brought it out of the shopping bag at home.

photo(124)Such a handsome boy. But don’t worry, to make up for the sweater photoshoot I also bought him a disgusting tasty treat.

photo(122)Yup, that is a bag of pig ears. Eww. But he loved them and completely forgot about the hot sweater I made him wear. 🙂

photo(123)Anyways, the sweater has been put away until we get a little closer to December. I’m holding onto my pretty Fall decorations around the house as long as possible! No Christmas trees around here….yet.

Today has been full of relaxing, Jazzercise, and grocery shopping. Exciting stuff to cap of a good weekend! I hope your have a great night and get in some good sleep to prepare for the coming week. I’ll be headed off to my bed shortly. Nighty night!


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