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BarkBox: Halloween Edition

Happy Hump day everyone! It’s been a beautiful and chilly day here in Springfield, and I’m loving it! Crisp, Fall days like today are my favorite. Mac will probably even get an extra long walk tonight due to the gorgeous weather. 🙂

Mac received a new BarkBox in the mail yesterday! I always get really excited to receive his package each month and see what goodies they picked out for my little man! I was even more excited than normal when I opened the box to see bright and festive colors. It was a Halloween Edition Barkbox!

image(9)Okay, that’s what I’m calling it anyways, but BarkBox did not officially call it by this name. 🙂 But it did have lots of Fall themed goodies inside. Mac was pretty excited too. He even got crazy googly eyes at the sound of mommy’s excitement!

photo(81)HA. He’s so weird.

Anyways, I was excited to see a toy and lots of yummy treats for Mac to enjoy when I opened his box.

image(2)I immediately squeaked the chevron print bear to get Mac’s attention. So he went to town chewing on that poor little fella while I sorted out all his yummy goodies!

photo(82)Tearing toys to pieces is his favorite hobby. We have many stuffing-less toys laying around the house!

image(4)I also opened up the weird looking lambs ear for him to chew on. The pack came with 2 of these luckily because he ate the first one in about 1 minute flat. Must’ve been tasty??

image(5)The cutest part of the box were these doggie Halloween treats. They come in individual packs to share, so this must be what I’m supposed to hand out to the neighborhood dogs on Halloween! Doggie trick-or-treaters are my fav, so I hope to be able to ate least hand out 1 or 2 of these adorable little treats next Thursday.

The one thing I’m skeptical about? This dry mix that I’m supposed to use to make doggie meatballs.

image(3)I’m just not sure if I want to go through the trouble of making meatballs for Mac when I barely have time to cook for myself and Nick. Basically, you add a pound of lean meat (like ground turkey) to this mix, make little meatballs, and then bake them up for your Mutt. In theory, this is very cute and he would love them. In reality, this probably won’t actually happen because mommy may be just a touch too lazy. But we’ll see… It is Mac’s birthday month after all.

Tonight we’ll have to break out the Autumn Harvest treats. I couldn’t spoil him too much in one night!

Well, I’ll see you later friends. I have another night off of teaching tonight, so I will be packing for the weekend (we’re heading to STL!) and baking up some goodies hopefully. Catch ya later!


Barkbox Arrival

Something exciting happened in the Harkey Household yesterday – Mac’s September BarkBox arrived in the mail!

photo(81)Sometimes I think mommy gets more excited than Mac does for the arrival of his BarkBox each month.

For those of you that aren’t familiar, BarkBox is a once-a-month mailer for your furry friends that helps to benefit rescue groups. I signed up for the first time this summer and we’ve gotten this fun box of treats monthly right on time!

They usually include some treats, toys, and other random dog goodies. I love it because they include things that I wouldn’t typically buy, but Mac ends up loving them!

photo(80)They also always include notes about each product and the vendor (where you can purchase more of each item, etc.). This month’s box included 2 types of treats, a liquid bandage spray, and an awesome toy that is twice the size of Mac! But he still loves it and carries it around the house anyways.

photo(88)See that wagging tail? He was crying the whole time I was opening up his stash of goodies. He could smell those treats from a mile away, I swear!

photo(79)His favorite part was the large Koala toy. It was long and flimsy (no stuffing!) with 2 squeakers and a rope toy inside! Shockingly, he hasn’t pulled out this rope toy yet, but he has a long history of tearing up stuff. I’m sure it’ll happen tonight.

I was completely intrigued by the treats in the green box. They were organic Cheese Pizza flavored doggie biscuits! They smelled just like the pizza-flavored Pringles to me. He thoroughly enjoyed them!

I believe we have 3 more months on the current BarkBox subscription, but it’s something that I feel is well worth the money when you love your furry family members as much as I do! Plus getting packages in the mail is always fun, even if its not for you.

I hope you’ve had a great Hump Day! I’ve had a crazy week at work, and I finally have the night off tonight. Hopefully chat more later while I get some baking done!