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Yay for October!

I’m so pumped that we’ve made it to October 1st!! My Fall decorations are even more legit since we are in the month of pumpkins and scarecrows finally!

photo(119)Mac is still barking at my cute little scarecrow wreath like it’s bringing the plague or something. Crazy dog.

Anyways, I let myself sleep in this morning, and it felt glorious to get out of bed with 8 hours of solid sleep under my belt! I really enjoy working out in the morning, but I was a complete zombie all day yesterday and knew that sleep was the priority.

The highlight of my morning was waking up to the smell of Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Spice coffee brewing in my kitchen.

photo(79)YUM! And then my beautiful bouquet greeted me.

photo(118)It’s amazing how big and beautiful these roses were from Katie’s wedding. They are still rocking today too! Love having fresh flowers in my house, but I hate when they die. Hopefully these make it through the week for me.


I feel like I’ve been indulging in my eating ever since the wedding festivities started Friday night. So today I’m trying to keep it light and very healthy for the sake of my waistline and also my grumpy tummy.

photo(116)I cute up a large Gala apple before heading out the door to go alongside my Greek yogurt and Fiber One Cereal. I’m usually a yogurt snob and don’t like Chobani very much, but I really like this Apple Cinnamon flavor!

photo(115)I mixed in the Fiber One cereal for some crunch and to make it feel like more a meal.

photo(117)This breakfast was yummy and had lots of staying power! I had a banana mid-morning, but other than that, I was content til lunchtime.


Lunch started with a big salad full of romaine, sugar snap peas, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots!

photo(120)I then rounded out my noon meal with a non-photographed Lean Cuisine. Yes, I was running behind and barely had time to heat it up. I need to be better about prepping some healthy lunches the night before. This quick and easy processed food has got to go!

October Festivities

Looking at the calendar this month, I’m very excited to for some things we have planned!

  • This Friday, Nick and I are attending a gala fundraiser event for the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks. We get to dress fancy and dance. Yay!
  • Saturday I’m off to Kansas City with my fellow Jazzercise instructors for our District Meeting. We are staying overnight downtown, and it’s going to be a blast!
  • October 12th I’m running my very first 10K! WOO!
  • Hopefully Nick and I can squeeze in a STL trip to visit his family one weekend.
  • Halloween! and then my BIRTHDAY! Which is technically Nov. 1. But it still counts. 🙂

I hope you all have a fun month planned as well! For tonight, I’m headed off to teach back-to-back Jazzercise classes. Should be a fun one! See you all tomorrow!


Finally Fall!

Happy Fall, everyone!

photo(81)My Fall decorations returned yesterday evening, no thanks to Mac. He cried and barked through the whole ordeal. He’s especially bothered by this cute little scarecrow wreath. But I got all my goodies up despite his ill-spirit!

photo(83) photo(82)Yay for Fall! I’ve been anticipating the official start for a few weeks, so I was very excited for today to roll around! Nick arrived home from visiting his parents to find the house extra festive. My fireplace mantle makes me very happy, especially with my fake fire burnin’!


This morning started in typical Sunday fashion.

photo(80)Sunday newspaper ads + oatmeal + coffee! And today’s coffee was festive to celebrate the start of Fall. My house smelled like spicy pumpkin-goodness when I woke up thanks to the Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Spice, so I kept my cup full all morning!

photo(79)Yum! Gotta love a good caffeine buzz to start your Sunday off right.

I walked Mac after a few cups of coffee to get a my body moving a little before I taught a 9 AM Jazzercise class. My quads were BEYOND sore from my long run yesterday, so I was very okay with only getting in a quick walk plus my class for my workout today.

Lunch was a grilled chicken and spinach salad at a Mexican restaurant with Nick as soon as he returned from his trip. I forgot to snap a pic because our normal go-to Mexican place, La Mision, changed over the last week so we were trying out the new franchise that has taken over the location. It’s called Las Margaritas, and it was okay. But it was a little more expensive, and we really missed the homey feeling we got from the hispanic family that owned it previously.

Thankfully, the salad was good and extra healthy. And healthy dishes were basically non-existent on the La Mision menu. We may try it again. Or we may try the other new Mexican restaurant that opened up next door to Las Margaritas. I’ve gotta a feeling our beloved La Mision family has moved next door under a new name. Stay tuned!

The rest of the afternoon consisted of a final fitting of my bridesmaid dress for Katie’s wedding this weekend! It fit (thankfully!). And then it was onto some light grocery shopping with Nick. BTW, avoid the grocery store at all costs if you are health-conscious at all. There is Halloween candy everywhere!!! It was literally haunting me the entire time we were in the store. Luckily, I have Katie’s wedding as incentive to not gain any extra weight/bloat this week from candy. After the wedding?? The candy may win. Time will tell how strong my willpower is.


Dinner was quick and easy. I had some lean ground beef that needed to be used. So Nick picked out an old favorite at the store.

photo(77)Hamburger Helper is always okay by me. Supa simple! And he’ll gladly eat the leftovers (which is rare – he’s soooo picky).

photo(78)I quickly made this for our dinner along with some green stuff on the side to make myself feel healthier.

photo(84)Little spinach salad and some steamed broccoli. Yumm! It felt good to get some veggies in my belly.

Now we’re just watching some Duck Dynasty reruns, and I’m trying to pull my brain together before this busy week begins. I did take a moment to make a batch of Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats though. Can’t wait to dig into those tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning will start bright and early with a 5:40 AM Jazzercise class. Hopefully my students are a little more awake this week! Enjoy your first evening of Fall!