Katie’s Wedding Rehearsal

It was a beautiful night last night in the park for a wedding rehearsal!

IMG_2023I left work a little early today to get home and change before heading to the park where Katie & Jesse’s wedding will be taking place tomorrow evening. I had never really been down to the garden where the ceremony will take place. It was gorgeous!

IMG_1999 IMG_1997It’s completely covered by the tall trees making it feel very cool and cozy even though we’re in the middle of a large, public park. My favorite part is the little waterfall that we’ll be standing on top of tomorrow.

IMG_1996There were lots of people around taking pictures before a high school prom of some sort. But they quickly cleared out for our rehearsal.

The groom’s grandpa will be officiating the ceremony tomorrow.

IMG_2013He’s the cutest old guy! Katie had a nice little agenda made out for him so he could keep everything in line. With a little extra help from Katie of course. 🙂

IMG_2020 IMG_2003We practiced walking into position and back out down this cute little path. It’s the perfect little setting for a wedding!

And this is a my view from the top of the waterfall area.

IMG_2010Only tomorrow it’ll be filled with lots more family members and guests out there!

IMG_2017And no wedding would be complete without 2 tiny flower girls. 🙂 They are nieces of the groom and are cute as a button! One of them also provided my favorite pic of the evening..

IMG_2011Oh little girls that lift their dresses. They always make me laugh!

IMG_2002We all mozied around and ran threw the ceremony twice before heading off to dinner.

Katie found a great little venue/catering company to host our evening meal at The Event Center here in Springfield. We arrived a little early, but the food was ready quickly. I was ready to eat!

IMG_2025I had snacked on some almond butter (surprise, surprise) before I headed to the park early, so I tried to fill up on veggies as much as possible. I filled my plate with the mixed spinach salad and green beans before finishing it off with the amazing pulled pork and BBQ sauce. Yum! The meat was my favorite part even though it felt good to get some veggies in my tummy.

Nick was the most excited about the potatoes and the dinner rolls.

IMG_2027I never even keep potatoes in the house, so he was loving these buttery spuds! I chose to forgo the carbs as I tend to bloat up super easy, and I have a pretty dress to squeeze into later today!

Well I’m off to go get my hair done before meeting the gals at the park to finish getting ready. I’ll see you after the wedding!


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