Katie & Jesse’s Wedding, Part I

Happy Sunday Evening! Hope your weekend has been a good one! Mine was full of wedding goodness. 🙂

Katie’s Wedding, Part I

Saturday started bright and early with a Jazzercise class before I headed off to get my hair styled for Katie’s big day.

IMG_2028_2Ohhhhh, fancy! My stylist is amazing, and she was aware of the rainy weather that was on the way, so she pulled the front back into a chic braid to hold it all out of my face! I loved it!

IMG_2029 IMG_2030_2This updo took about 45 pins and 1.5 hours. But it held up all day – even through the pouring rain!

IMG_2032_2Mac loved it to, but he was sad that mommy was leaving for the day.

I ate a quick lunch at home before heading to the park to meet the gals. We met up at 1 PM to get our makeup and dresses on before the photos started at 2.

We had a private room with a bathroom at the park center. We took over rather quickly.

IMG_2036_2I was mostly ready minus my dress, so I kinda just helped everyone else and took photos of the bride.

IMG_2043_2 IMG_2042So pretty! Katie was glowing all day. And it just made my heart swell to see my best friend so happy!


Carley (another friend from high school) and I
Carley (another friend from high school) and I

I loved my dress. They were comfy and my alternations were done so nicely that I had no issues all day!

IMG_2049_2And then it was time for the bride to get into her gown with a little help from her momma.

IMG_2048 IMG_2050Her gown was vintage, classic, and sexy all at the same time. The back was open from the top down to her waist. Love love loved it!

But that’s enough for tonight. I started today with a 7 mile run (my longest yet!) and I’m exhausted! Part II is coming tomorrow with the ceremony and reception. Here’s a sneak peek…

IMG_2077_2Have a great night!




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