Favorite Christmas Tunes

Happy Sunday everyone! Has this weekend been crazy or what?! My day has, once again, been pretty much crazy, but I don’t care too much. I finally ran 13.1 miles during my long run this morning, so that definitely made me happy for the day. 🙂

I’ve spent my weekend teaching Jazzercise and wrapping a few last minute gifts with Mac. He even helped me open some cards that came in the mail. And I thought this one from my girlfriend Jessica was extra cute!

photo(126) image(19)Mac thought he resembled the polar bear on the front of the card, but I couldn’t see it. 😛

I also mentioned yesterday that I was needing some mommy and Mac time, and I got some between work and Jazzercise on Friday night finally. I took him for a quick jog around the block, and he was so thrilled that I got showered with kisses when we got home.

image(18)I realized mid-kisses that we were by the tree, so I had to snap a photo. He was a lovey boy last night!

Favorite Christmas Tunes

So what are some of your favorite Christmas songs that you can’t wait to hear every year? I’m keen on the classics personally. Anything by Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, or Dean Martin will be playing on my Pandora station non-stop. But this year I decided to venture out of my ‘oldies’ bubble and try to get into some more modern tunes. And it’s all for the sake of my Jazzercise students!

As certified Jazzercise instructors, we are allowed to put some Christmas songs into our classes during December, and I’ve been taking advantage of this! We’ve been dancing to some Michael Buble, Mariah Carey, among a couple dozen other artists I’m loving right now! My favorite song for class is Let It Snow by Chicago. If you’re another instructor reading this, put the choreography from Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger to this song, and you have one killer upper torso routine!

I love, love, love Christmas music, so incorporating some upbeat classics into my class has been fairly simple. Plus, it’s fun to watch my students sing along with the Christmas tunes. I only have 2 more classes to teach before I’m off on Christmas vacation, so I’ll be rocking the holiday music for only a little while longer. But that’s okay since I got a new Jazzercise DVD with 32 new songs on it this weekend! I watched them all today, and I’ve already picked out some favorites to learn asap when we are back from the holidays!

Holiday Schedule

So here’s a quick overview of our holiday week! Sidenote: this is mostly for my own sanity right now. Does anyone else feel like they are going to forget something really important during this upcoming week??

  • Christmas Eve: Head to my parents house early in the morning to have Christmas with my side of the family on Tuesday night.
  • Christmas Day: Head to STL to be with Nick’s family
  • Thursday: Have a big Christmas (gifts and a meal) with Nick’s side of the family. Woot!
  • Friday: TBA – I’m beyond excited to have no plans. Jazzercise? Run? Shop? 🙂
  • Saturday: 10-mile Run at Forest Park in STL in the morning.
  • Sunday: Head back to Springfield!

I wish we could spend more time with my family, but my parents are traveling to Florida on Christmas Day to be with my dad’s parents for a few days. So technically, they are abandoning me, not the other way around. So I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad! HA!

Also, I last minute decided to sign up for the 10-mile run in the Frostbite Series in St. Louis. I thought it would be a good, easy race and great practice for my first Half. It’s on the same course (which I’ve heard is hilly), and it will give me a good idea of how my half marathon will go.

It should be a great holiday, and I’m so thankful that we get to spend time with each of our families. I hope you have some wonderful plans with your family and friends!

Have a great night, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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