10K Anticipation

Happy Thursday! I hope you all have had a great day so far. My Thursdays tend to always be awesome since it already feels like the weekend is here. And today has been a good one as well!

Since I started yesterday with a long run (8 miles), I decided to sleep in this morning and delay any crazy morning workouts until after my 10K on Saturday morning. I always feel lazy when I sleep in and don’t workout before my workday, but sometimes an active body just needs some rest! This is something I’m slowly learning, and it’s not been fun.

I’m in complete and utter anticipation-mode of my first 10K that’s on Saturday! I’m so excited/ready/pumped about it! I’m also ready to get it over with. Races are so fun, but the anticipation is killer! I feel more than prepared enough to be able to finish the 6.2 miles without any issues. So I’ve got my game face on….like this little guy…

baby memeHaha sorry, I couldn’t help it. He’s so darn cute.

Nick was planning on running with me but has run into some health issues this week, so I’ll be heading out on my own during the Sunshine Run. Although he promised to come cheer me on from the sidelines. 🙂

I’m slowly learning that running and races can be quite addictive. I’ve only run two 5K races up to this point, and I’m already hooked!

photo(73)I betcha can’t guess what my first run was?! The Color Run was my very first race which took place in April of this year. Then next came the Glow Run 5K!2013-09-14 18.56.00 And now this weekend I’ll add my 3rd race, the Sunshine Run, which will also be my very first 10K. I hope I get a medal at the end to add to my wall!!

Depending on how this 10K goes, I really think I want to sign up for my first half marathon. I found one in St. Louis on January 25. I think this would give me the perfect amount of time to train! And we could stay with Nick’s family for that weekend as an added bonus. Have I mentioned I LOVE his family?? Well I do. So stay tuned folks. My first 13.1 may be in the near future!

So here’s a sneak peek of Katie‘s professional wedding photos!

903434_10201964979628258_2035155224_oCute, right?! I’m so excited to see more from her big day.

Well enjoy the rest of your Thursday night. Yay for the weekend starting tomorrow! Friday’s are the best. I’ll be taking it easy in prep for my race – hopefully you can get in some relaxation time as well! See ya then!


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