Ready for Rest

Happy Friday!! It’s been a beautiful day here in the SGF. I definitely took Mac on a long walk during my lunch break to soak up as much sun as possible. It’s looking like today may be our last ‘hot’ day of the season, so although I hate hot weather, I’ve gotta try to enjoy it while it lasts.

Quickie Workout

Since I’m running a 10K in the morning, I was going to sleep in today to let my body rest. But it had a different idea and I awoke at my normal 5:15 AM and couldn’t go back to sleep. So I decided to go to the gym for a light and quick workout.

I didn’t want to do anything to make my legs too tired, so I contained all my cardio to the Elliptical machine. I started with 2 miles before doing a small circuit of weight machines that focused on my arms and back. I moved onto the rowing machine for about 5 minutes (I get so bored!), and then I finished with 1 more mile on the Elliptical. It was quick and easy, but I was sweaty and felt accomplished.


Breakfast should’ve been better, but I don’t think I cooked my oatmeal correctly.

photo(77)Blah. It tasted okay, but somehow I messed up my classic breakroom oatmeal. At least it still filled me up. And I had an apple and some yogurt on the side with lots of coffee.

photo(78)I’ve been washing this pink coffee tumbler just about every night. It’s my Breast Cancer Awareness mug – so obviously October is the time to use it most!

The morning crept by pretty slowly, and my tummy was growling by around 11 AM. I was ready for more food!


Lunch started out with a big salad that I threw together last night.

photo(76)This salad was FULL of veggies as I was trying to use up some stuff that nearing it’s expiration. My tummy was lovin’ it. So I had a few more veggies (also leftovers!)

photo(75)A mix of sweet corn and lima beans leftover from dinner last night. A colorful lunch so far! And then I finished it all off with some eggs and cheese.

photo(74)I scrambled 2 eggs in the microwave and then put some reduced fat colby jack on top. I could hear the lactose-intolerant part of me screaming “NOOOOO, Don’t do it!!” But the cheese was calling my name and I had to. I’m paying for it slightly right now but nothing too intense. 🙂

And now as my day is winding down I’m getting more and more tired. I wish I could’ve slept in this morning, but my body was just ready to go! I’ll be extra ready for some rest after my race tomorrow. I start at 8:30 a.m., so I should be relaxing by approximately 10:30. Can’t wait! Nick and I also have a Groupon to use tomorrow night that is getting ready to expire. It’s for a date for 2  at Vino Cellars. Should be a fun time and will be my little reward for (hopefully) finishing my first 10K!

I hope you all have a great start to your weekend. I’ll see you after I dominate my first 10K!


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