Weekend Prep

This upcoming weekend is going to be a busy busy one, and this hit me yesterday about midday. Luckily, Wednesday night is my night off of teaching Jazzercise so I was home for the evening to take care of a few things that I know won’t get done Saturday or Sunday!

HOD2013OutsideFinalRight after work tomorrow night, Nick and I will be getting snazzy and heading to the BCFO’s Hooked on Dance event. It starts at 6 PM, so I tried to figure out our outfits last night. The theme is Havana Nights – so think Cuban Salsa club, circa 1950. At least that’s what I have in my head. And I don’t have much in my closet that fits this bill. But I have 3 options that I will pick as soon as I get home tomorrow. My bridesmaid dress from Katie’s wedding may be making another appearance this weekend! The weather will hopefully help me decide.

Hopefully this event doesn’t keep us out too late, because Saturday I’m heading off to Kansas City bright and early with our Jazzercise gang! It’s our semi-annual district meeting. All instructors and class owners have a very large meeting to discuss mostly business-related stuff. It’s always fun, especially because I get to travel with this group!

882611_10151533357345470_1187782214_oThis is our photo from the last district meeting earlier this year. This group of ladies is so much fun. We always have a blast when we go on these little trips together!

It’ll be a smaller group of us going up on Saturday morning (some of the instructors aren’t able to attend), so we’ll all be piling into one car. It’ll be a cozy ride! Then Saturday night after the meeting, we are going out to the Power & Light District in KC for a fun evening. We have a suite for all of us that evening, and we’ll head back to Springfield the next morning. It’ll be a quick trip but lots of fun!

Nick has graciously agreed to keep his weekend low-key so he can hang around the house and take care of Mac. I’m hoping to be home by around midday Sunday to get a few normal weekend errands done, but I know it’s going to turn into a whirlwind weekend where I’ll be racing to even get to bed on time Sunday night.

But let’s back up to lunchtime yesterday…I skipped over it last night because of my busy evening of catching up on cleaning and laundry. But it was a good one!

Eggie Lunch

I was craving eggs again when I got home yesterday! So I whipped 2 eggs in a bowl with 2 spoonfuls of cottage cheese and some salt and pepper. I microwaved this for 1 minute and then added a small can of mixed veggies to make a fairly colorful scramble!

photo(126)The cottage cheese keep the eggs from getting extra firm, but after 2 1/2 minutes in the microwave total, I was sure the eggs were cooked all the way through. This was super quick and I was stuffed after all the eggs and veggies were in my tummy!

photo(125)Eggs in the microwave = my lunchtime savior! Yum!


Breakfast today was a little sad. I started my morning at the gym after fighting with my alarm clock. This in turn made me late to everything the rest of the morning. Ugh! Soooo in my haste, I grabbed the first things from my fridge and pantry that I saw.

photo(123)The bag is already opened in the picture, but these Kay’s Protein Pretzel Sticks are actually really tasty when you want something crunchy! I grabbed them to go along with my breakfast because they have 12g of protein, are gluten free, and are cinnamon toast flavor! But they are very good for being gluten free. Really.

photo(124)I also had some Greek yogurt and a big ol’ apple that I chopped up quickly to avoid the awkward apple crunching in my office. No one wants to listen to someone else chomping into an apple at 8 AM.

This mix kept me full most of the morning. I had a small banana and some trail mix as lunch time approached. It’s been a pretty hungry day today. I blame my workouts and my run from yesterday. 🙂

Lunch was the typical salad and Lean Cuisine – yes, I know I said I wanted to get away from the packaged/processed foods. It’ll happen…one day. 🙂

The weekend prep has to move ahead this evening since tomorrow we’ll be dancing the night away! Tonight will consistent of Jazzercise at 6:45 and then a little packing for the weekend trip to KC. The temps are supposed to be chilly, especially when we are out downtown on Saturday night! So maybe some scarves, tights, and boots will be in order. Yay for Fall clothing! LOVE IT!

Have a great Thursday night, ya’ll. We’re almost to the weekend!


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