Party Weekend Anticipation

Happy Friday everyone!

I’ve got to admit, this week has gone by super slow compared to my last few crazy weeks. But we’ve made it, and I’m so excited to get this weekend party started!

Morning Workout

Because Nick and I will be attending the BCFO Hooked on Dance event tonight, I made sure to wake up (not so) bright and early to get in a good workout. Yes, I know I can’t ‘out workout’ a night of terrible eating and drinking, but it’ll ease the pain a little I think. 🙂

I started with a 30 minute interval on the treadmill starting with an incline walk and then alternating between a 2 minute jog, a 2 minute faster run, and then a 30 sec – 1 min. sprint. It got my heart pumping, and I was a sweaty mess when I hopped off the treadmill at the 30 minute mark! I continued my workout with some strength training that focused on my thighs and upper torso before finishing it out with a mile on the Elliptical. It felt good to break a sweat!


I was on the ball last night and prepared myself a bowl of butterscotch overnight oats before hitting the sack after Jazzercise.

photo(127)This stuff was extra thick this morning, so I topped it off with some more soy milk before I headed out the door to work. It hit the spot after my workout!


It was a busy morning around the office, and it was lunchtime before I knew it. I knew lunch today had to be light since tonight’s agenda includes a big buffet meal. So I opted for a small salad topped with sugar snap peas and some light Italian dressing!

photo(129)Extra green and extra healthy. Yum! Sugar snap peas are so yummy and have the most satisfying crunch. I’m completely addicted.

I then used up some leftover sauteed broccoli slaw from my meal last night to make another eggie scramble in the microwave. Warning: this looks pretty gross, but it’s so tasty and filling!

photo(128)I added about 1 cup of the cooked broccoli slaw to 2 whipped eggs with a splash of almond milk and salt and pepper. Then I cook it in the microwave for 1 minute, stir it all up, and then microwave for 1 more minute and it’s ready to eat! Seriously filling. I love it!

Tonight I’ll be rushing home to get spiffied up in a TBA dress before we head off to the gala event. I can’t wait! Then tomorrow at 8 AM, I’ll be heading to KC with my fellow Jazzercise instructors for our district meeting. I may be scarce this weekend, but I’ll be back asap with some (hopefully) amusing photos and stories!

Enjoy the Fall weather that is on it’s way tonight; I can’t wait to wear some boots and leggings this weekend. 🙂  See you later!


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