Butterscotch Overnight Oats

Good Thursday morning! We’re having a sunshiney morning here in SGF, so I hope you’re having the same wonderful weather wherever you may be!

Morning Run

This morning was supposed to be a sleep-in morning for me since I ran last night and have a Jazzercise class this evening…but that didn’t happen. I woke up at 4:52 with a tiny dog on top of my belly. He was just needing some attention I guess because once Mac had me out of bed around 5:15, he settled back down into his own tiny bed. What a turd.

Since I was up, I decided I’d go on an easy run to get some more miles on my new shoes I received yesterday. I started out slow and steady, but my mind was not into the running mode this morning at all. I was fighting with myself the whole run to keep myself going and not turn around. I took 3 short 30-second walk breaks to keep my body going since my motivation was at an all time low. I NEVER incorporate walking breaks into my runs, so I wasn’t too happy with myself. But I finished my run strong and made it to a little over 5 miles in 45ish minutes. I’m hoping after this busy wedding weekend (where my workouts will be put on the back burner), I’ll be able to have a good, strong run on Sunday sometime.


I got home from my run with a few minutes to spare before I needed to get into the shower. So while I cooled off, I threw some not-so-overnight oats together in hopes that the hour in the fridge would be long enough for the oats to soften up a bit. And I must say, it turned out pretty well!

Butterscotch Overnight Oats

photo(103)Into this mix, I added:

  • 1/2 cup old-fashioned oats
  • 3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1/2 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 tbsp Sugar-Free Butterscotch Pudding Mix
  • 1 tsp vanilla

Mix the ingredients well, cover, and let sit in the refrigerator overnight for best results! Although my oats softened up nicely after only one hour in the fridge.

photo(104)The star of this recipe is obviously the pudding mix. I love this flavor, but you could use basically any pudding flavor you like! The butterscotch kick really livened up my breakfast. I can’t wait to experiment with other pudding flavors soon!

photo(103)These oats filled up my belly nicely, and I finished off my breakfast with some hot coffee and pineapple Greek yogurt at my desk.

photo(101)On the agenda for the rest of my day is work, Jazzercise, and paint my nails for Katie’s wedding!

photo(100)I’m loving this color! It’s ‘rebel rose’ from Avon. I’ve already got one coat on, so I’ll do the other tonight and be set for the weekend!

Have a great Thursday! And feel free to comment with your favorite overnight oat ‘add-ins’! I’m always looking for something new for my breakfast menu. 🙂


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