Almond Butter Attack

Hello! We’re done with the Thursday work day. Hooray! And now for something funny…

photo(109)Haha I saw this pug on Pinterest today and could not resist sharing it with you. I feel bad for the chunky pug but I can’t help but laugh! Aren’t tiny dogs the best??


Lunch today was pretty normal but did not come together supa fast because I was lazy last night. So I put together a green salad with lotsa veggies as soon as I got home and topped it with the last little bit of Catalina dressing that I could scrape out of the bottle.

photo(108)I then was craving some weird/random combo of savory and tangy. So I threw together a mix of red onions, some tuna, and some cottage cheese.

photo(105)Looks kinda unappealing right? Well I added some sweet & spicy mustard and mixed it all up, which made it even more appetizing.

photo(107)Mmmmm mmmm tasty. It looks even yummier close up.

photo(106)Haha, ok, I’m obvously being sarcastic, but it did taste great and had lots of protein to cure a grumbly tummy.

My lunch was relatively light until I remembered the jar of almond butter I received yesterday, and I had an almond butter attack!

IMG_1969I proceeded to eat about 5-6 spoonfuls of the stuff leaving my stomach overly stuffed and satisfied. Ughhh, I don’t think I’ll be ready to eat again until after Jazzercise tonight.

I tend to have to hide the nut butters from myself in my kitchen (Nick puts them up out of my reach), and this almond butter will be no different. Yes, I know nut butters are healthy, especially for someone that is active like myself. But it becomes a problem when you accidentally polish off half the jar in one setting! Keep it away! Far far away!

Well I’m off to Jazzercise. I wanted to get this post published before I got home later and began my race to get everything together for this weekend. On tonight’s agenda: pick out my rehearsal dinner outfit. I was supposed to do it last night but that obviously didn’t happen!

If I’m scarce this weekend, you can blame it on Katie and her wedding. I’ll for sure be back soon with lots of wedding pics and excitement to share! Have a great Thursday night!


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