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Spring Running Plan

Happy Sunday! My posts have been few and far between this week, and I apologize. My brain cannot seem to catch up since the marathon a week ago. I can’t believe it’s only been a week since the Little Rock marathon. In a way, it almost seems not real – like it never really happened. But them I come to my senses when I bend or squat and my quads start screaming at me again. When will my body be back to 100% again??…

Anywho, I have MAJOR spas-brain and I’m trying to get my life and head back in order. I thought I was almost there but then I missed a Jazzercise instructor meeting this afternoon. I was visiting my girlfriend Levie at the hospital and her new baby! ..and completely lost track of time. Epic fail? Yep. My bad. But please look at this little guy, and tell me if that sweet face doesn’t make my absence worthwhile. 🙂

IMG_3535 IMG_3530 IMG_3529 IMG_3528My girlfriend Katie and I went to visit and got lots of snuggle time. He’s pretty much too cute for words. Baby Thomas is definitely loved!

Spring Race Schedule

Anyways, in an effort to get my life back in order, I organized my short Spring running plan to keep me on track for my upcoming races.

trainingplan- spring14 Sheet1Feel free to download the PDF:trainingplan- spring14 Sheet1  or the Excel File: trainingplan- spring14

My spring race schedule includes:

  • Shamrox 15K, March 15 (local)
  • Go! STL Marathon, April 6 (St. Louis)
  • Go Girl Half Marathon, April 19 (local)
  • Divas Half Marathon, May 4 (Branson)

And that will be keep me busy up through the beginning of May! I haven’t signed up for any other races (except for the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in STL on Oct. 19) because I know I won’t enjoy racing during the summer. Me + hot temps = not pretty. So I figured I would play it safe and not schedule any more races until Fall. I may decide to run some local events closer to the event dates depending on how our weather is this Summer. Summertime in Missouri can be brutal, so if personally race during the Summer in the Midwest, I commend you! I don’t think I would handle it well!

Other than forgetting a Jazzercise meeting and seeing the baby, my weekend has been pretty productive. I spent a majority of the day yesterday shopping with my mom and sister-in-law. I had a great time and my momma definitely spoiled me. Shopping trips with my family are the best! But exhausting, especially with the time change. I’m hoping to get lots of good rest tonight to help me deal with the longer days and get on track for the work week.

I hope you are coping with the time change well. ‘Springing forward’ is never fun when we lose our hour of sleep! Have a great evening, and I’ll see you later this week!


Little Rock Marathon Training Plan

Hey there! How’s your Tuesday going? So far, so good around here. Today started out with one of those ‘ah-ha’ moments for me. You know, those moments when something really sets in deep in your brain.

I don’t always run on Tuesday mornings, but the weather has been so nice this week that I wanted to get out and enjoy the snow-free roads and sidewalks. So I set my alarm for 5 a.m. to get in a little run before the work day began. When my alarm went off, I turned it off and rolled over. I did not want to get up. At all. Like really really really did not want to get up. I struggled for about 15 minutes before I finally just got my lazy butt out of bed and out the door.

It took me about 5 seconds to get into my normal groove, and I completed 4.2 miles at less than an 8:30/mile pace. It felt so good to get in the zone and focus on some speed work. I got home and hopped in the shower, and that’s when it hit me: I really do love running. I enjoy it so much because of how it can make me feel. I was dancing and happy in the shower at 6 a.m. and without that run, I would have been grumpy and sluggish through my whole morning routine. SO, moral of this story, anytime I feel like hitting snooze and skipping my morning workout, I need to remember how much happier and healthier I feel if I start my day with a little sweat. 🙂

But onto other things…. like my first Marathon!!!

LRmaraThe Little Rock Marathon will be in Little Rock, AR on March 2! I’m so scared/excited about taking on this major commitment! I wouldn’t have even thought about taking on the full marathon until I started looking into some training plans. Since I have been training for my first half since October, I was right on schedule for a beginner’s marathon training schedule!

My girlfriend Heather was already registered for the Little Rock Half Marathon, so when I found out the full and the half marathons were at the same time, I decided to be brave and register for the full course. Am I a little crazy? Well my family sure thinks I am. But I’m pretty much determined to run the whole thing and get my HUGEEEE medal. The Little Rock Marathon is known for their big medals, and I cannot wait to get mine! They posted on the Little Rock Marathon Facebook page that this year’s medal would be around 2.5 lbs!

SO this major commitment meant changing up my Frostbite Half Marathon’s training schedule to be longer and work in some longer runs.

trainingplan-fullDownload the full size PDF here. Download the Excel Sheet here.

So this plan is just a continuation of my half marathon training. I will be incorporating two 20-milers, and those will be my furthest distance before race day before I begin the taper the last 2 weeks before race day. I can’t believe I’m already on week 13 of my this 19 week schedule! haha I guess I had a head start.

My half marathon is coming up in less than 2 weeks. My Runkeeper app was kind enough to bring this to my attention this morning!

IMG_3084I took this screen shot this morning, so I am nearing right at 10 days until race time! I know I can do it, but I’m already dreading those crazy hills that I encountered during the Frostbite 10-miler. But, on a positive note, I’m just a few days from a small carb loading extravaganza!  Next Thursday and Friday my diet will consist of about 85% carbs, and I cannot wait. I will be loving some bananas, white bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, Greek yogurt, pretzels, and crackers! Low fat and high carb will be my philosophy for a day or two.

On one more side note, Lululemon released some new compression socks this morning, and I obviously bought them within 5 minutes of finding them.

IMG_3085I had a gift card to Lululemon burning a hole in my pocket from Christmas, so I gladly used a portion of it for these. I should have them soon and can hopefully wear them for my half in 2 weeks!

Well I’m off to my Jazzercise double-header. Have a great evening, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Frostbite Half Marathon Training Plan

Happy Thursday! I’m ready for the weekend, and I can guarantee you all are too. 🙂 It’s been a busy week!

I’ve taught back-to-back Jazzercise classes each night (except last night), and the Jazzercise marathon will continue this evening right after work for another double-header. Woo! I’m just about jazzed out for the week. I teach one class after work tomorrow night, and then I’ve promised myself a completely lazy and relaxing evening after that. Nick should cook dinner for me, right?! Right….I’ll pass along the hint. HA.

Breakfast + Short Run

I’m going to technically start my 14 week training plan for my half marathon starting next week. But this week, with the days I had left, I was trying to squeeze in a couple runs to stay on track with my training that I was already kinda doing for my 10K last weekend. Having to teach 2 classes tonight kinda threw of my game plan, so I woke up with enough time to squeeze in a 3 mile easy run with Mac this morning.

We woke up around 5:30, and Mac was busting out the door before I could barely get his leash on. Over the past week, I’ve realized Mac can actually run fairly long distances as long as it’s not super hot. He’s been on two runs with me now (3.5-4 miles each), and we’ve only taken 1 walking break each time, aside from the multiple potty breaks which are a must for him!

We set out on a 3.5 miler that we took pretty easy with a 1 minute walking break. I didn’t want to kill myself, so he keeps me at a nice, steady pace. It felt good to wake up my sore legs from my longer run yesterday though, and I was nice and sweaty when we returned home. The temps were in the mid-40’s – nothing terrible. I’m hoping for some cooler temps this weekend so my body can get used to running long distances in cold temperatures.

Once Mac and I made it home, I took a super quick shower and got him ready to go again as he had an appointment with the groomer, a.k.a. doggie spa day! I always drop him off on my way to work for his 8 AM appointment, and then I pick him up during my lunch hour. I’ll have to post the fresh and clean Mac photos later – this doggie momma was rushing around and forgot to take pictures of my handsome boy!

Breakfast was once again quick, eaten at my desk, and I was still loving my Luna bars this morning!

photo(74)Peanut butter cookie Luna bar definitely gets an A+ in my book. And I also threw together a quick mix of Multi-grain Cheerios and peanuts to snack on mid-morning.

photo(75)Yum! No matter how short the run, if I run in the morning before work, I’m starving and needs lots of little snacks to make it through until lunch time. This mix did the trick!

Frostbite Half Marathon Training Plan

Since I had the night off last night, I decided to take some time to sit down and make up a training plan for my first half marathon!

Like I mentioned yesterday, I signed up for my first half marathon this week. I’ll be running in the St. Louis Track Club’s Frostbite Series on January 25. I’m beyond pumped, and I’m really excited to start training as well. It will be my biggest feat yet when it comes to fitness, and I can’t wait to stomp all over my main goal: finishing the race!

I’ve read a lot about running my first half marathon, and I think it’s best for me to not set any goals for my finishing time. I just want/need to focus on finishing the race and having fun with it. I figure Nick will come on some training runs with me to help push me along through these cold months of running I have ahead of me.

While I was making up my training plan last night, I knew I would have to incorporate my Jazzercise classes as my ‘cross-training’ days. I looked up some other plans, like Hal Higdon, etc., and I’ve loosely based my personal plan off of others I came across. This is what I came up with!

trainingplan600Download a large jpeg here. Or download the Excel version here!

I’m doing a 14 week half marathon training plan, but this week currently marks 15 weeks til race day, so I went ahead and put my runs on there from this week and marked it as my ‘start’ week. Just because! I also marked my upcoming 24th birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s! The holidays could make my training a little difficult for a few weeks, so I hoped by marking them way in advance, I’ll be able to make plans to fit them in somewhere.

I want to be able to run 4 days a week, and possibly 5 on Monday evenings depending on how my body is feeling. For now, I am scheduling cross-training on Tuesdays and Fridays. On Tuesdays, I always teach 2 Jazzercise classes, and on Fridays, I have 1 class right after work. Then on Sunday mornings, I also teach 1 class, but I’ve often gone for a shorter run before teaching and have felt awesome during class. So I want to continue this during my training. Saturdays will be my ‘long run’ days because I don’t teach at all and should usually have time. But if not, I can always shift my long runs to Sunday if needed.

Is this more info than you bargained for? Probably. But I’m just trying to justify the reasoning behind my plan. 🙂 Plus looking at this plan makes me a little nervous, so just ‘talking it out’ helps me the most!

BTW, this is off subject, have you guys been indulging in any of the Halloween candy??

photo(78)A lot of this has been happening lately around my office. Sugar highs for everyone! Woo! I’ve successfully stayed away from most of the terrible-for-you candy except for the candy corn. I can’t help myself!

Well I hope you have a wonderful Thursday! Like I mentioned, I’ll be teaching 2 classes right after work, so you won’t see me until tomorrow. Have a great evening!