Spring Running Plan

Happy Sunday! My posts have been few and far between this week, and I apologize. My brain cannot seem to catch up since the marathon a week ago. I can’t believe it’s only been a week since the Little Rock marathon. In a way, it almost seems not real – like it never really happened. But them I come to my senses when I bend or squat and my quads start screaming at me again. When will my body be back to 100% again??…

Anywho, I have MAJOR spas-brain and I’m trying to get my life and head back in order. I thought I was almost there but then I missed a Jazzercise instructor meeting this afternoon. I was visiting my girlfriend Levie at the hospital and her new baby! ..and completely lost track of time. Epic fail? Yep. My bad. But please look at this little guy, and tell me if that sweet face doesn’t make my absence worthwhile. 🙂

IMG_3535 IMG_3530 IMG_3529 IMG_3528My girlfriend Katie and I went to visit and got lots of snuggle time. He’s pretty much too cute for words. Baby Thomas is definitely loved!

Spring Race Schedule

Anyways, in an effort to get my life back in order, I organized my short Spring running plan to keep me on track for my upcoming races.

trainingplan- spring14 Sheet1Feel free to download the PDF:trainingplan- spring14 Sheet1  or the Excel File: trainingplan- spring14

My spring race schedule includes:

  • Shamrox 15K, March 15 (local)
  • Go! STL Marathon, April 6 (St. Louis)
  • Go Girl Half Marathon, April 19 (local)
  • Divas Half Marathon, May 4 (Branson)

And that will be keep me busy up through the beginning of May! I haven’t signed up for any other races (except for the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in STL on Oct. 19) because I know I won’t enjoy racing during the summer. Me + hot temps = not pretty. So I figured I would play it safe and not schedule any more races until Fall. I may decide to run some local events closer to the event dates depending on how our weather is this Summer. Summertime in Missouri can be brutal, so if personally race during the Summer in the Midwest, I commend you! I don’t think I would handle it well!

Other than forgetting a Jazzercise meeting and seeing the baby, my weekend has been pretty productive. I spent a majority of the day yesterday shopping with my mom and sister-in-law. I had a great time and my momma definitely spoiled me. Shopping trips with my family are the best! But exhausting, especially with the time change. I’m hoping to get lots of good rest tonight to help me deal with the longer days and get on track for the work week.

I hope you are coping with the time change well. ‘Springing forward’ is never fun when we lose our hour of sleep! Have a great evening, and I’ll see you later this week!


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