Little Rock Marathon Photos

Happy Thursday everyone! I must say this week has absolutely flown by since we got iced into Little Rock a day longer than planned. I feel like each day is done before I can get 50% through everything on my to-do list! This weekend will give me time to catch up both physically and mentally. My mind needs a little extra sleep to get back into normal working order I do believe!

I was happy to find the marathon race photos had been posted this morning! And I look fab in all of them. And by fab I mean I look like a sick and tired drowned rat (in the words of my mother!). But I know you would love to see them anyways.










My favorites are the one where Mac snuck into the photo, and the ones where I’m being super photogenic. I’m not sure how that happened after 26 miles, but it was most definitely a miracle after that crazy race.

This week I have been taking it easy as much as possible. By Wednesday morning, most of my soreness had subsided and I ran for the first time this morning. I did only 3 miles, and I could tell my hamstrings are going to be sore for a while. Wowza. Ouch. It’s amazing the things your body will do after a marathon. Monday and Tuesday I had a random rash show up on my chest and shoulders. Is my body rebelling against me?! Probably.

My race schedule for the next month or so is pretty busy. I have a race lined up almost every other weekend between now and the beginning of May. So I decided I needed to update my training schedule to match these races so I don’t get confused and run too little or too much. I’ll have that to share hopefully soon! I’m doing a 15K, full marathon, and 2 half marathons. It’s going to be a busy spring! More on these later… ๐Ÿ™‚

Well I’m off to teach Jazzercise. Let’s hope my quads allow me to move a little bit better than they did on Tuesday night! See you later!


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