Diva Dash 5K

Hey there! How has you Saturday been? Mine has been filled with running and pink tutus!

This morning started off with a run on my own of 12.6 miles before I headed off to the Diva Dash to finish up my mileage for the day!

My long run went super quick this morning since I was anticipating the Diva Dash with my girlfriends! All 3 of us , Heather, myself, and Rikki, assembled in downtown Springfield this morning for the race start at 9 am. Luckily, the rain yesterday cleaned away most of the salt and snow on the roads. We took off running with all the other divas and had a smooth and fun race! It was a little cold waiting to take off though. 🙂


We warmed up pretty quick. And by pretty quick, I mean I was maybe warm by 1.75 miles in. 30 degrees felt colder than normal today!

Rikki was rockin’ it. I guess that’s what teaching for 10 years does for your endurance. 🙂

We took it nice and easy and finished in around 30 minutes. I was thankful for an easy pace after my morning miles. I fought black ice most of my solo run, so my legs and hips were spent.

We got giant medals as we crossed the finish line where they had lots of snacks and goodies too.

Yay for adding to my medal collection! And by collection, I mean the 1 other medal I had from the Glow Run 5K. Mac was pretty enthused with my new medal too.

This afternoon consisted of taking my Christmas decorations down and napping. Yes, I’m late with the decorations coming down. But I’ve been busy. Ha!

Anyways, have a great night everyone! See you all later!


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