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STL Weekend, Part II

Sunday morning in STL was wonderful for several reasons.

  1. Mac let me sleep in until 7:30.
  2. I got to sneak away for another nice run.
  3. The Cardinals won the ballgame the night before!

Everyone was kinda sleeping in and moving slow on Sunday morning, so I had one large mug of coffee before heading out on another run on the Maramec Bottom Trail.

photo(108)It was way too pretty for me not to stop quickly and snap a few pics. Plus breathing breaks are always good. 🙂 Especially when your struggling to breathe in the cold air.

photo(5)It was pretty darn cold outside yesterday morning, but I stayed fairly warm in my long sleeves and ear warmer. Next item to purchase for my winter running: thermal gloves that I can use with my iPhone. My fingers were about frozen on the shady parts of the path. But it was almost too pretty for me to care.


No filter needed!
No filter needed!

The path runs along the Maramec river, and the views were extra beautiful during the quiet morning. I made it to 8 miles in a little over an hour with a slightly slower pace than my Saturday run.

I headed back to Nick’s parents house sweaty, tired, and almost frozen. I didn’t realize how cold I was until I had a hot cup of coffee in my hands. I had a quick cup of Chobani Greek yogurt before I took a long, hot shower to warm up.

The rest of the morning was spent shopping with Karen, Nick’s momma. She is an awesome bargain hunter, so I love going on shopping trips with her. We went to Ulta to spend the gift card she gave me for my birthday, and then went into Target where I spent wayyyy to much money. What is it about Target that makes women spend 3x the money they intended on spending?! Anyways, I was excited to find a few Christmas presents, some running gear, and some seasonal coffee!

photo(104)I already tried this Caramel Apple coffee this morning, and it is absolutely amazing. Not too appley, and it was even good with my pumpkin spice creamer. I think I’ll have it again in the morning!

I also found Mac’s Halloween costume for Thursday night…

photo(101)He’s a ferocious T-Rex!!


He is so scary. The large hat and tiny arms on this costume sold me. I couldn’t stop laughing at it in the store, so I knew I had to bring it home.

photo(102)Doesn’t he look happy?? Well maybe it’ll make him happier to wear it Thursday night while the trick-or-treaters come around. It will at least get him some good attention!

After we made it home from shopping (and Mac tried on his costumer), we had a quick lunch and packed up the car to head home. I drove so Nick would hold Mac and relax on the drive back, so most of the trip went like this.

photo(103)Mac is a cool dude. Or at least he thinks so.

All-in-all it was an awesome weekend, and I can’t wait for Thanksgiving so we can go back to visit again!

Have a great Monday night, everyone. I’ll see you all tomorrow! I’m debating getting up early for a little run. We’ll see what my body decides to do in the morning. :)Nighty night!


Successful Sunday

It’s been another successful Sunday here at the Harkey Household! Hope it’s been a good one for you, and you got in some last minute relaxation before the workweek starts again 🙂

Long Run

This morning I popped out of bed and was in the mood to run! I felt like I could run a half-marathon. But since my longest runs so far are only 3.5 miles, I decided to shoot for 4 miles instead. I set out with a positive attitude and got the 4 miles done in 35 minutes! The last mile was painful, and I wanted to give up. Luckily, I didn’t let my negative thoughts win. It felt amazing to get home before 8 AM and feel so accomplished!

I quickly grabbed some coffee and cereal and sat down to stretch while I read through my Sunday paper, aka the Ads and COUPONS!

photo(49)This is a permanent ritual on Sunday mornings for me. I had lots of new coupons today which put me instantly in the mood to shop. Plus, there was delicious Pumpkin Spice creamer in that coffee. The cozy smell of pumpkin pie can make anyone a little happier. 🙂 So I knew I’d have a great day today. I quickly changed into some clean workout clothes and headed off to teach Jazzercise.

Target Finds

Earlier this week, I talked about wanting to find some delicious pumpkin flavored coffee, so I had already planned a trip to Target for this afternoon. My girlfriend posted pictures of her pumpkin-flavored finds from Target a few days ago, so I knew the trip would pay off. I took quite the haul…

photo(47)I was so excited to find pumpkin-flavored everything in the grocery section! Plus, the cute Dunkin Donuts mug was FREE when I purchased 2 bags of their pumpkin coffee. Wins all around! Although, I think I’m most excited to try this coffee tomorrow morning:

photo(46)I love me some candy corn during Halloween time, so I was thrilled to grab this up to try! I’ll report back tomorrow. I have no idea what this will taste like, but I bet I wake up to a wonderful smelling house at least.

Mac’s favorite find at Target today? Some new chicken flavored bones… (Ignore my long witch nails – I just finished trimming and painting them this evening!)

photo(48)Check out that happy wagging tail in action. He has already ‘buried’ this bone around the house in about 10 different locations. Happy boy!


Dinner tonight looked difficult but was super easy thanks to a dry soup mix I bought today. I was cravin’ chili!

photo(45)I grabbed up this Bear Creek “Darn Good” Chili mix and knew I would spice it up with some ground turkey I had thawing for our meal tonight. The chili immediately smelled amazing when I mixed it into the boiling water.

Cookin' chili!
Cookin’ chili!

I had to let it simmer for 25 minutes. Then I mixed in the browned ground turkey and let it simmer together about 10 more minutes. It was amazing! And had the slightest hint of cinnamon. Oddly delicious!

photo(43) photo(42)Yummm! And after dinner, we were in slight chili comas, so I leashed up Mac for a quick walk before it got any darker.

photo(50)So, all in all, it was a fun and successful Sunday! I feel refreshed and ready for the workweek. Tomorrow kicks off bright and early at 5:40 AM with a Jazzercise class before work. Monday morning workouts definitely start the week off on the right foot. I love it!

Have a great night and get some good rest!