Celebrating 2 Years

This past week marked Nick and I’s 2 year dating anniversary. He had a crazy busy week, and I was my normal busy with Jazzercise and work, so we decided to go out to dinner tonight for a mini-celebration. We have a normal ‘fancier dinner’ place that we go to called Santa Fe Grille. It’s upscale Mexican food, and it’s delicious!

As we pulled into the parking lot, the sign had changed to Springfield Gourmet Taco Company. (I vaguely remember seeing this announcement in the weekly newspaper, but it obviously didn’t stick with me!) Anyways, we were slightly leery, but it looked basically the same as we walked in. The menu had been revamped to include about 50 different tacos from which you could choose. Then you chose how to wrap your taco, hard shell, soft shell, lettuce wrap…the list was very big! Nick went with a steak variety of some sort in a corn tortilla, and I chose the Hawaiian Chicken in a lettuce wrap.

When our food arrived, we were a little thrown off. It was only 1 taco each! We had no idea we needed to order several to make a complete dinner.

photo(40)Luckily, they were AMAZING! Mine was covered in grilled pineapple, cabbage, and a sweet chili sauce. So we immediately waved over the waiter to order 1 more taco each. It ended up being a great meal + a learning experience for the next time we visit the new Gourmet Taco Company!

1234839_10151793048272182_969853993_nLunch + Sam’s Club

Lunch today was pretty light as I was wanting to get in a quick trip to Sam’s before it got any later in the day. Jazzercise kept me busy til around noon, and it made me hungry! So I knew I needed to eat a bite before I got around all the gigantic groceries or else my gigantic appetite would take over. I quickly topped a whole wheat Bagelthin with some cottage cheese and inhaled it before hopping in my car.

Carbs + savory cottage cheese!
Carbs + savory cottage cheese!

My favorite finds at Sam’s today?

photo(38)Pumpkin Pie Coffee Creamer! No less, in a convenient 2-pack! I usually go for the sugar free creamers, but this particular brand only has 20 more calories than the sugar-free. Plus it just looked amazing in the store. So I had to go for it! It doesn’t expire until January, so I can take my time with it. Yes, it’s not the healthiest. But it doesn’t include any real dairy products so it’s a win for this lactose-intolerant lady! I can’t wait for tomorrow morning!

Second favorite find…

photo(41)Cute right?! Fall Owl oven mitt and matching dish towel. These are already displayed in my kitchen. They are way too cute to sit in the drawer!! Our house is feeling very festive this evening  🙂

Well, we’re off to walk Mac and hopefully help our full tummies digest a little more. Have a great Saturday night! I’ll see you all tomorrow after my morning Jazzercise class. Sweet dreams!



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