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Post-Race Blues

Happy Tuesday! I hope the beginning of your week has been off to a good start. Mine has been busy busy busy, but that’s just life! And settling back into the normal groove after a weekend away is never easy. 🙂

Mac loves traveling :)
Mac loves traveling!

We arrived home from our quick and busy race weekend in STL late on Sunday evening. It felt like I should still be celebrating post race, but it was time to get back to reality.
IMG_3169We had time to unpack, eat, and head to bed. I feel like time is never on our side during the weekends that we travel. But I was happy to be home and in my own bed.

Post-Race Thoughts

Post-race has been a learning experience all in itself. Saturday I was on Cloud 9. Everything and everybody was awesome. I was sore and tired, but it was okay since I had finished my first half-marathon. Sunday was the day of mental fatigue. I drove us home from STL, and I felt groggy and weird the whole way. I just felt fatigued and drained….there’s no better way to put it. I was physically tired and getting some soreness, but it wasn’t too bad yet. The soreness finally set in yesterday. And it was bad.

I got out of bed for my early Monday morning Jazzercise class and was immediately upset with myself for not getting a sub for my class! I was certain that I would be fine by Monday, but I was definitely wrong! I got to class and had 2 smiling faces show up to dance. The first half of class was painful (and probably pitiful looking!), but I was feeling a million times better by the second half. I thought it did my muscles good to warm up and then stretch. But then the rest of the day wore on and my quads kept getting sorer and sorer. To the point that I couldn’t have squatted to get into the bottom of the cabinets if you would’ve begged me. Ow. I hobbled around the office and then around my house all evening. Nick went to the gym after work; I went to the couch. And I don’t think I moved more than 3 times all evening. 🙂 I hate being lazy, but I knew that I owed it to my body to be still and relax for a couple hours.

Today, thankfully, my legs are feeling 95% better. I can walk and climb up stairs without cringing like yesterday. But today has deemed it’s own label: the day of Blues. I’m on day 3 post-race, and I am not loving how I feel. I don’t really feel depressed, just more ‘down’ and sad. I figured it was because I didn’t get in a morning workout, but after some lovely (and supa trustworthy) Google research, apparently ‘post marathon depression’ is a thing! And a very common thing!

I love this post on Pace of Chicago about ‘post marathon depression’: http://www.chicagonow.com/pace-of-chicago/2013/10/how-to-deal-with-post-marathon-depression/. It’s specific to the Chicago marathon, but it is such a good read for anyone feeling blue after a big race. It’s perfectly normal to feel a little sad. Let’s face it – I’ve been training and focusing on my first half-marathon for MONTHS. And now it’s over and past. I have more races coming up to look forward too, but I’ve been too tired and sore to be excited about racing again right away. My favorite part is where the post discusses eating well and resting post-race. The days after your race should really be focused on taking good care of yourself as a way to thank your body for getting you through months of training and across the finish line. What a good way to sum it all up! After a big event like a marathon, treat your body well and thank it with rest and yummy, wholesome foods to help it recover. 🙂

I’ve still been on a carby kick since the end of last week, so today I really tried to get away from it and go back to my veggie-filled salad for lunch. I still wasn’t feeling satisfied or full though post-salad, so I brought along some of my favorite yogurt to have this afternoon as my little treat for getting in a bowl of vegetables today.


Tonight will be a busy one teaching Jazzercise from 5:40-7:45, so I won’t have much time to munch on carbs for dinner. I can slowly feel myself going back to normal after the build-up for my race. And I must say, it feels good. We are such creatures of habit!

I’m going to attempt going on my normal Wednesday morning run tomorrow. Wish me luck that it goes well so I can get back into my normal training groove! Have a great night!


Carb Loading is NOT My Fave

Happy Thursday! It is FRIGID here today. I’m talking ‘high of 15 degrees with a negative wind chill’ frigid. Yuck! When I woke up this morning, my weather app told me to go to the gym instead of run outside.

Yes, I’ve powered through worse during these past few months, but when it feels like -10 degrees and the wind is blowing that hard, it’s just not worth it…especially during my taper week! So I headed out to the gym to complete my easy 3 miles for the day. I did some intervals – 2 minutes at a 8:15 pace, 2 minutes recovery at a 10 min pace – and that helped the time fly by on the dreaded treadmill.

Once I got to work this morning, the carbo-loading began. To be perfectly honest, it’s not that exciting and I’m not feeling so hot from it. I thought I would love it, but it’s really not my fave. At all…This is what I’ve had so far today.

IMG_3136Breakfast! Which was followed by a snack of cinnamon graham crackers (not pictured).

IMG_3137Then this stuff! Donated by a kind coworker. It was tasty and helps the immune system + 14g of carbs, so I was thankful for their gift.

IMG_3140Lunch! Whole wheat bagel + some fettucine Lean cuisine. I also stole some of Nick’s guacamole and had it some tortilla chips. Don’t tell him though. 🙂

After that lunch, my tummy has been slowly expanding the rest of this afternoon (probably from the alfredo sauce….oops). I know it’ll pass as the gluten and carbs digest, but it’s definitely not been the most pleasant experience so far! I’m just thankful for my run this morning. Exercise makes my tummy hungry. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to stomach this much food.

I’ve decided that I will continue with my ‘carb-o-thon’ through dinner tomorrow night, but my heaviest meal tomorrow will be lunch. Dinner will be eaten late with Nick’s family, and I don’t want to wake up Saturday morning still trying to digest my food from the night before. So I’ll try to keep my helpings of spaghetti and bread fairly small tomorrow evening!

Sickness Be-Gone!

Today, I’ve still felt a little icky with a sore throat and a runny nose, so during lunch I grabbed some meds to get me through the day.

IMG_3143And also two little Halos for a citrus + vitamin C kick. (Ignore Mac….he’s doing doggie yoga in the background!)

IMG_3141It all seems to be helping this afternoon! Hopefully the Zicam will work and at least keep me from feeling any worse through the weekend. I’m not sick yet, but I definitely feel like it could hit at any moment. Lots of hand sanitizer and orange juice for me until Sunday!

In other news, I came across our professional photos from the Diva Dash 5K today!

Can you spot Rikki and I? Look for the pink tutus on the right-hand side. Good luck.

Tonight will consist of last minute packing (though most of it got done last night!) and teaching Jazzercise at 6:45. This will be my last class before the race, so we will be taking it easy so we don’t kill my quads pre-race. I’ll try to have a little fun though….it’s my last class until Monday AM!

Have a great night, and I will see you all tomorrow before we head off to STL!

It’s Taper Week!

And you know what that means?!

taper_poster Tapering-300x252Haha, not really. I’m okay so far. But then again, I’m not really allowed to taper the way most runners do. Yes, I’ll cut back my runs and make them ‘easier’ and shorter, but my Jazzercise classes must go on! And without those, I would most definitely be cranky. 🙂

So I’m kinda feeling like this sums up how I’m feeling more.

919984_571317036235799_1489268271_o keep-calm-and-taper-on-1It’s not easy to slow down and let my body rest, but I’m trying to embrace it and know that it’s good for me! So far, I’m completely okay with it. The end of the week may bring about some different emotions…we shall see!

This morning I was supposed to teach class at 5:40, but everyone slept in! So I just took it as a ‘Taper Week Blessing’ and headed back home to take Mac for a nice morning walk. I always love getting Mac out and about before my work day. And he loves walks with momma at anytime of day. 🙂

I taught Jazzercise tonight at 5:40 for another instructor (thank you, Rikki!) who agreed to trade me for my Friday evening class. Nick and I will be on the road right after work on Friday night to STL, so this trade allows us to get on the road sooner. But class went well, and I hopefully didn’t tire myself out too much. I will teach 2 classes tomorrow evening, and then Wednesday will be spent relaxing with my feet up! After I pack my bags, of course. It’s amazing how hard it can be to choose the perfect running outfit for a race. :/

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to sleeping in as late as possible! A rested body will only help me out this week. And with those hills I’m facing Saturday morning, I can take all the help I can get. ha!

Well have a great night everyone. Happy taper week! Let’s make it a good one!