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Jazzercise Marathon

I have an inside joke with several of my (daytime) coworkers about my ‘Jazzercise Marathon’ days. Usually a couple times a month, I volunteer to sub other instructor’s classes when they have to miss for whatever reason. Typically, this means I end up teaching a 5:40 PM class before my normal 6:45 time slot. Two straight hours of teaching Jazzercise after an already 8-hour long work day = Jazzercise marathon.

Today was one of my Jazzercise marathon days; I’m completely pooped! I love teaching, and I enjoy the awesome workout and energy that comes from the two hour session. But after today, I need a good night’s rest for sure! I try to stay super hydrated during these back-to-back classes and eat a healthy snack beforehand. But I always seem to feel super torn down and a little sick afterwards. Tonight is no exception! I guess it will never get easier, but that’s okay.  If it was easy, it wouldn’t be an effective workout. 🙂

I always have the thought in the back of my mind that I would enjoy being able to do something in the fitness industry full time at some point in my life. But if so, it would have to be something different than all day Jazzercise sessions! I think I would shrivel up like a prune and die if I had to teach more than 3 everyday. Isn’t it sometimes fun though to push your body and see how much you can really endure when needed? The most classes I’ve ever taught in a day is 3 + a regular 8 hour workday in my office. I remember being so stressed and tired, but I survived!


Lunch today needed to be light to follow suit with breakfast and make up for my indulging night last night. I made a quick salad with romaine, half a cucumber and some light Italian dressing!

photo(67)Filling but obviously not fattening. Win win! Plus the cucumbers were garden fresh – given to me by one of my wonderful students who has an amazing green thumb. They are so yummy and fresh compared to the store bought veggies!

As I finished up my salad, I heated up a low-carb Lean Cuisine with turkey and green beans.

photo(66)Healthiest thing ever? Probably not. But it was tasty and good portion control for a starving tummy.


I had a quick snack of peanut butter and celery before rushing off to the Jazzercise marathon. So I wasn’t too starved by the time I arrived home. So I had some honey Greek yogurt before fixing some steamed veggies!

photo(63)I inhaled these beautiful veggies in a flash and finished off dinner with a hard-boiled egg thanks to Nick. I guess he was cravin’ eggs tonight when he got home from work! Yay for a quick and easy protein!

Have a great night everyone. Tomorrow is Friday!