Early Morning Walk

Having last night totally to myself at home was great! I didn’t have to rush off to teach class in the middle of the evening. Mac loved his new Halloween pajamas. Nick made it home from work by 6:30 which is the earliest I’ve seen him in about a week or so. But when I’m home all evening like this (it’s not a normal thing!), the snack monster attacks, and I eat various things until I feel like I’m about to pop. And last night was no exception.

I snacked on granola bars, some leftover brown rice, and Fiber One cereal. Craving carbs much?! This went along with the chili I reheated for my dinner and the peach I ate on the side. My evenings are never this full of eating, and I had a major food baby by around 8 PM. So I decided to just call it a night and end my suffering by going to bed early. The carby snack attack left me in a completely unhappy food coma. But I did sleep pretty well because of it!

I knew I needed to get my body out of bed and move when I woke up on my own (no alarm needed these days!) around 5:30 AM. It was time to work off a little of the damage from last night! Or at least try 🙂  I slipped into some comfy clothes and leashed up Mac for a long walk.

We made it to around 2.4 miles in 38 minutes before time forced us to head home to get ready for the day ahead. The easy walk turned into a light jog in a few places. We headed down some not-so-well-lit paths that had me uneasy for some reason this morning. So to keep me from wanting to turn around, we just took off on an easy jog to quickly get past these spots. I wanted to run more, but my hips are still sore a little and the 5K is in 2 days! So I decided to just take it easy on myself. Mac enjoys walking more anyways. It gives him time to sniff everything in site along our trail.


After last night’s eating fest, I’m trying to keep it fairly light today. So I did a grab-n-go breakfast as I headed out the door to the office. The highlight of my morning meal? A ZonePerfect Simple bar!

photo(62)I found these gems at Target this weekend. They were on sale for a box of 5, and anything that is fairly cheap, healthy, and full of oatmeal-chocolatey goodness is okay by me. Plus it’s got really simple ingredients! No weird stuff I can’t pronounce!

photo(63) photo(60)Only complaint is its not twice as big. I wanted more!

photo(61)These will definitely be a big part of my grab-n-go breakfasts from now on! When I can find them on sale, at least. 🙂  I also had a banana that was nearing the end of its life….

photo(64)And a mug full of Gevalia Vanilla coffee flavored with my fave Pumpkin pie spice creamer.

photo(65)This has all been holding over my hungry tummy for a while. That’s the true test of a good protein bar!

Now I’m looking forward to lunch. I have some garden-fresh cucumbers calling my name! See you all tonight after my Jazzercise marathon. I’m teaching back-to-back classes right after work starting at 5:40 PM. Wish me luck!


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