Doggie Halloween Pajamas

What happens when mommy spends too much time in Target on a Sunday afternoon? She comes home with Halloween PJs!

photo(61)Doesn’t Mac look precious?? Well we think so at least. 🙂 I bought these glow-in-the-dark pajamas as a fun alternative to the typical doggie Halloween costume at Target this past Sunday.

photo(62)Until tonight, it’s been way too hot for me to even have Mac try on his new outfit. But this afternoon came with a nice rain shower that brought our temps down a little. Plus, my night off of teaching Jazzercise gave me extra time to play dress up and hold a photo shoot.

photo(59)I love his little face! Plus, I swear Mac could sense how excited I was about his new outfit, and he cooperated with all my silly posing demands! For about 10 minutes anyways..then he retreated to his comfy bed.

photo(60)Which is where he is still resting right now. Still in the PJs. I’m lucky my little guy actually enjoys wearing clothes for the most part!


Lunch was easy today! Yes, lunches around here are usually easy, but today’s came together in about 45 seconds flat. I started with my typical green salad, topped with mushrooms, snap peas, and carrots.

photo(59)I’m lovin’ Catalina dressing lately! Little sweet, little tangy. All Yum.

While I was finishing up my salad, I heated up a bowl of leftover turkey chili from the weekend. It ended up being even better the 2nd time around!

photo(58)This was eaten with a million crackers because this girl loves her carbs.


Dinner oddly looked like lunch because I was too lazy to cook! So I warmed up the other bowl of leftover chili. Chili round 2! Once again delicious. I had a fresh peach on the side while reading the grocery ads that came in today’s paper.

photo(58)Now Nick and I are relaxing on the couch and waiting for the newest Duck Dynasty episode to come on. I hope your Hump Day has been great!


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