Healthy is Hard

Hey everyone! Happy Monday!! It’s been a great day. I had a whooping 4…that’s right, FOUR people show up to my Jazzercise class this morning. That never happens on Mondays!! I was pleasantly surprised, and it put me in a great mood to start my week.

So lately I’ve been struggling with eating healthy. I eat fruits and veggies everyday. But I also keep munching on not-so-healthy tortilla chips, popcorn, yada yada. The list could go on and on. And I am struggling to get back on track. I also feel like every weekend sends Nick and I into an unhealthy pit that I can’t dig us out of. Ugh. So tonight I tried to compromise. I told myself I would eat a giant salad and then I would see if I was still hungry before I headed back to the fridge immediately.


I was truthfully not excited about this pile of veggies, but I ended up loving it. It was amazing actually. So I’m once again going to make it my mantra for the week: When you eat well, you feel well. So fill your tummy with the best! Let’s hope I can use this as motivation to get me through this week. Next week will be a little different…. I can’t believe I’ll already be carbo-loading! Where does the time go?!

But since my marathon is less than 2 weeks away, now is the perfect time to refine my eating and be as healthy as possible. I don’t need to add an extra pound or two before April 6!

By the way, speaking of struggling to eat well, have you guys tried these? My lovely student Dede brought them to my attention last week, so I obviously had to run out and buy 2 bags this weekend! And they are delicious. 🙂 I took my 2nd bag to work today to share. My coworkers loved them as well! And they are only available at Walmart during Easter! So go getcha some. Also, Dede says they freeze well so buy extra!!

And for a little fun (and a nice little jab at dairy products that make me sick), I found this today.

Isn’t he cute??! His little meme was just too perfect for this blog so I had to share.

Well I’m off to put my little Mac to bed. Have a good evening. Nighty night!>


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