Pitter Pat 10K

Hey there! Hope you’ve had a great weekend! It was a fun one around here.

Saturday morning started out with a split long run and Jazzercise! I woke up around 6 a.m. to get in the first part of my mileage for the day. I ran 9 miles as ‘easy’ as my legs would let me before I headed home to clean up and put on dry running clothes for the Pitter Pat 10K!

The race started at 10am, but I got there early to help Katie set up our Jazzercise booth in the expo area.


Katie, myself, and Kim were ready to lead the warm up for all the runners! Once we were setup, we headed out to the courtyard to lead the runners in a couple songs pre-race. I have no pics because Katie’s husband was busy with their 1 year old son! But we had a couple runners that were brave and decided to dance with us. 🙂


Adam (Katie’s hubs) and I were actually running, so we headed to the start line right after we finished the warm up. We took off shortly, and it was a great little race! The sun was shining. The temp was around 40, so I comfy the whole route. And I felt pretty good minus the long hill at mile 4!

I finished in right around 52 minutes (I haven’t checked my official time yet!), and I won’t first place in my age division!!!


Woohoo!! I was pretty shocked to be honest. My average pace was around 8:18, and usually there’s at least one person in my age group that runs those crazy 6 minute miles. But that person must’ve stayed home on Saturday.

After the run, I headed back to the mini expo to help at our booth and have some snacks. They had quite the spread! Granola, fruit, yogurt, Krispy Kreme donuts, beer, bagels, and lettuce wraps. It was amazing!!

Anywho, the rest of the weekend was spent being lazy and eating after my 15 miles and race win on Saturday! Food was definitely my friend. Haha. Back on track tomorrow!

Have a great night everyone. I hope you have a wonderful week!!>


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