Weekly Rundown

Happy Friday gang! This week has just about been too much. But I see the light at the end of tunnel! It’s almost the weekend. WOOT!! So I thought since I’ve been to busy to post, I would give you a quickly rundown of my week!

This morning started bright and early with me subbing a Jazzercise class. This was the 3rd morning class I’ve subbed this week for some vacationing instructors. I’ll end my weekly teaching schedule tonight after work with my 9th class of the week. Whew! Exhausted much? Yes.

I was lucky enough to still have Wednesday off from teaching, so I was able to squeeze in my weekly ‘kinda long’ run.

This was also an extremely windy morning. Like wind gusts up to 30 mph. I was pretty beaten and torn down by the time that 7 miles was up. Regardless, I was still happy to fit it into my busy schedule!

My lovely RunKeeper app also reminded me that my marathon is a mere 15 days away!

Slightly frightening? You betcha. Especially after this week when I only had 1 normal day of running. But I should get kinda back on track this weekend. Plus with one marathon under my belt, the anxiety is definitely lower for this next one.

As for the rest of my week, it has been normal minus the extra classes I taught. Mac has been cute…

And that’s about it! Now this weekend should be equal parts exciting and lazy. Tomorrow morning is going to start bright and early for me to log some miles before I head off to the Pitter Pat 10K.

So here’s the lowdown: this race wasn’t on my training schedule. But it’s put on by the local Junior League, and Katie (owner of my Jazzercise center) is part of this organization. We were asked to do the warm up for the runners pre-race, so obviously I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to lead my fellow runners in some Jazzercise! And I felt really silly to not sign up for the race since I would already be there. Sooooo this fun 10K was added to my schedule last minute. And I’m pretty excited about it!


I need to get in 15 miles tomorrow, so I’m going to get up early, get in 9 miles, and then finish out my run during the race. Luckily it doesn’t begin until 10 am, so I won’t have to get up before 6 am! After waking up at 5 every morning this week, a 6 am wake up call sounds amazing. And yes, I know that is sad. 🙂

The rest of my Saturday should be low key, followed by a typical Sunday without any major plans. I’m excited to be lazy and maybe have a real date night with Mr. Nicholas! We’ve been complete couch potatoes lately, so I think we deserve a nice dinner and movie evening.

I hope you all have had great weeks! Enjoy your weekend, and I’ll talk to you later!


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