Chelsea’s Jazzercise Baby Shower

Hey there! Hope your Monday is going swell. Mine’s been flyin’ by, and I’m ready for a night of relaxation!

So yesterday I promised a recap of what else I did with my Valentine’s weekend. And it just so happens that I attended a fabulous baby shower for a fellow Jazzercise instructor!

Chelsea’s Shower Class

IMG_3317So, when you are a Jazzercise instructor, you don’t get the typcial ‘shower’ for special occasions like weddings or babies. You get the Jazzer treatment and of course, this centers around a fun, themed Jazzercise class!

IMG_3303Here’s Chelsea. Ain’t she cute with that little preggo belly? We celebrated her gender reveal with a Jazzercise Plus, 90 minute, class on Saturday morning. And it’s a BOY! Woot!! So Baby Boy Taylor is on the way this summer. We danced to lots of baby-themed songs to celebrate the expecting momma.

IMG_3305 IMG_3293I sure hope that I can still rock the stage when I have kids one day. Most instructors dance all the way through their pregnancies, so I won’t throw in the towel until my doctor says I have to! Chelsea rocked through the class with ease with the help of a few other instructors.

IMG_3291 IMG_3297I came as a student to class because I wasn’t sure how my morning run would leave me feeling. Sometimes I can feel great after a run, and sometimes I feel like I need to vomit for about an hour. Luckily my Saturday morning run left me feeling good! I was sore, but good. 🙂

IMG_3322So after this run, I ate a quick Greek yogurt and bagel in the car on the way over to the center. I was afraid my stomach would be upset, but everything settled fine, and I made it through the class without too much pain!

I was mostly looking forward to the treats though. 🙂  What baby shower would be complete without cupcakes and goodies?!

IMG_3308 IMG_3310Yum! All this sugar was definitely what my body was craving after that 90-minute class. I had a cupcake right away and a pretzel. Oh and a mustache shaped rice krispy treat!

IMG_3319Ha! All in celebration of the little boy that is on the way. It was a great class, and I’m so glad that I made it in time to participate as a student. It’s always refreshing to be in Jazzercise classes as a student. Makes me really appreciate the other instructors and how hard they all work!

IMG_3316And congrats to Miss Chelsea and her hubby on their baby boy. She’s 20 weeks along, so we have 20 more to wait to see this little bundle! (And P.S. Dede we missed you terribly!)

Well have a great night everyone. I’m off to enjoy an evening at home with my boys. I’ll see you tomorrow!


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