Little Chewbacca

Happy Tuesday!! It’s been a busy, busy day around here, so I haven’t had much time to check in before I head off to teach Jazzercise all night. SOOOO I thought I would share some adorableness that I call Mac, aka Chewbacca.

IMG_3338He’s REALLY furry right now. Like out of control fuzzy. But not to fear, we’re going to the groomer tomorrow morning!

IMG_3335He’s so excited. He hid under my clothes in the closet this morning to show me how ecstatic he is about going to the doggie spa. 🙂

IMG_3340 IMG_3343It was like some weird, creepy horror movie scene. I couldn’t find him, so I started slowing pulling my clothes apart to find him. ha!

So we’ve been calling him Chewie the last couple days since he basically looks like the son of Chewbacca. I’m still trying to decide how short to get his hair cut. I think it’s still too cold for his summer puppy cut. But a good trim up all over is definitely necessary at this point!

Next on my to-do list after his groom? Getting my own hair cut. I have split ends on top of split ends. It’s a problem.

Well I hope you have a wonderful evening. I’ll be spending it with my Jazzer ladies – can’t wait! See ya later!


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