15 miles and More Snow

Happy Sunday! It’s a snowy one once again here in Springfield. We’ve been hibernating all day, and I’m loving it. Sometimes it’s nice to be forced to stay home and just relax!

Today has consisted of cleaning, cooking, and learning new Jazzercise routines! I learned almost 10 new routines so my mind was on overload. Therefore some baking needed to happen. You know… To let my mind relax and regroup. Haha

I was craving chocolate! So Nick and I had an awesome dessert tonight. Brownies are always a good thing.

And I couldn’t feel that guilty about having some sweets. I did run 15 miles yesterday after all. 🙂

This was my most physically and mentally challenging run so far. I expected that though. I made it through and even beat the winter blast that came Saturday night. So I’m happy with that!

I spent the rest of the day trying to recoup and rehydrate while lounging around in sweats and my compression sleeves.

This morning my Jazzercise class was cancelled (obviously!) but I was determined to move my stiff and sore body just a little. I thought I would attempt to run. It was the worst idea ever.

I’ve run in snow several times and made it just fine. But today was hopeless. The roads hadn’t been plowed. And there was about 4.5 inches of snow on them. Needless to say, I made it less than 3 miles before heading home and making some coffee!

Tomorrow morning should be interesting as we try to make it to work. Slow and steady should hopefully get me there safe!

Be careful out there and have a good night. I’ll see you all later!


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