The Deep Freeze

Happy Monday! If you are anywhere near the Midwest, you know how stinkin cold it is! Plus the foot of snow isn’t helping. The high was around 2 degrees today I think? Insanity.

I made it to work this morning after a slow-going commute. Then every trip after that seemed to get worse! It was like the drivers here in Springfield were getting more and more brave as the day went on. And me? I was going slower and slower just to make them angry. 🙂

I went to Jazzercise right after work and took class with 6 other ladies that decided to brave the weather. It felt good to sweat after being cold all day!

And now tonight, Mac and I are just snuggling and trying to stay warm.

I am even rocking my footie PJs because it’s so chilly tonight!

Running obviously had to be put on hold this morning since temperatures were way below 0 went I woke up. We’ll check the forecast to see about tomorrow. I hate the treadmill, but we may have to be friends this week as all this snow starts melting!

Hope you have a great evening. Stay warm and safe out there!


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