Return of Overnight Oats

Hey party people! I hope you’ve had an awesome Wednesday Hump Day. Mine’s been busy busy busy, and I’m thankful to have tonight off from teaching to rest and clean my messy house!

But before we get into the fun stuff, I must share something with you.

photo(50)Sneezing dog!! I found this on BuzzFeed yesterday and almost immediately peed my pants. If I ever caught a photo of Mac like this, I’m pretty sure I would have to get it framed. Classic.

Morning Run + Return of Overnight Oats

I started out my day with a 6+ mile run that happens every Wednesday on my half-marathon training schedule. It was 50 degrees and HUMIDDD when I took off, and I was not loving it. My body has really grown accustomed to running in cold, dry air, so it’s hard for me to feel my best in anything warmer than 40 degrees. I never thought I would say that in a million years.

I made it to 6.6 miles in a little under 57 minutes. I wanted to push to 1 hour and/or 7 miles, but I was just done by around the 5 mile mark. Still better than nothing though, and I’ve been sore all day. Must’ve done some good! My calves and shins have been particularly sore lately, so I’m spending this evening in my awesome calf compression sleeves. I love these babies.

image(7)After my run, I quickly got ready for my day and grabbed my breakfast out of the fridge to bring along to the office.

photo(33)Doesn’t this look gross?! I made overnight oats last night with some frozen mixed berries, and it was basically terrible. I’m in desperate need of fresh groceries, but until that happens this weekend, I’ll be depending on some frozen fruit to get in my daily serving of healthy food. Ugh.

Diva Dash & Family Photos

Late this afternoon I started thinking about everything we have going on this weekend. It is going to be a busy one! But I’m okay with it – at least I get to sleep in my own bed and don’t have to travel. 🙂

Saturday morning is going to start with a long run of 11 miles before I head downtown to run a 5K with my girlfriends! Me and two of my gal pals are running in the Diva Dash in downtown Springfield. Neither of them are crazy/intense runners, so I’m hoping it will just be an easy and relaxed race. I may be totally wrong in doing my long run before the 5K, but I have afternoon plans and can’t shift my schedule around. So here’s to hoping I can keep up with my girlfriends!

Then later on Saturday, Nick, Mac, and I are having professional photos taken at a local park. I bought a Livingsocial deal for an hour-long photoshoot + photo holiday cards with Caradee Photography. The best photos that Nick and I have together look about like this…

photo(52)So we are in desperate need of some nice photos after 2 1/2 years together! It’s going to be freezing and possibly snowy, so I’m struggling to decide what we should wear. Such a hard decision!

I hope you all have fun weekends planned too. Springfield is forecasted to have lots of snow and ice starting tomorrow, so it’s quite possible that my plans will change. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t get too yucky!

Stay safe in the winter weather, and I will see you all tomorrow!


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