Mac’s Snowy Spa Day

Hey everyone! Are you loving the snow?! It sleeted most of the morning, but it is just the light, flaky stuff now.

photo(53)It’s pretty, but I’m not excited about the drive home!

Mac’s Spa Day

I started this morning out with a quick 3.5 mile run, before I got ready for my day – I had to drop Mac off at the groomer for his spa day!

photo(51)He was a hot mess in the car. He was cold/excited/nervous/completely freaked out that he got to leave for work with mommy. So I was trying to calm him down before I took him in.

image(12)Poor little guy. But he was a champ, and the ride home at lunchtime was much more fun! And now he looks gorgeous.

photo(52) image(13)That tongue picture is one of my favorites of all time. He’s too cute for words.

Now that Mac’s groom is done, I can focus on picking out outfits for Nick and I for our family photos on Saturday afternoon! If we are lucky, some of this snow will still be sticking around, and our photos will look extra festive for our Christmas cards!

Although, the downside of this weather is that my Diva Dash 5K may or may not get cancelled. I just know I can’t chance an injury with my first half marathon coming up in a little over a month. So let’s keep our fingers crossed that the roads are at least cleaned off for some weekend running. 🙂

I was supposed to teach 2 classes at Jazzercise tonight, but with the weather looking ‘oh so frightful’,  we already cancelled the late 6:45 pm class and the 5:40 class may be headed in the same direction. I think it’s a good night to get home, put on pajamas, and bake some cookies!

I hope you all stay safe and warm. See you later with some fun snow pics hopefully!



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